Kotmale launches Mango and Woodapple Drinking Yoghurt

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Kotmale, Sri Lanka’s leading fresh milk brand has launched yet another stunning addition to its collection of superior dairy goodness with Kotmale Drinking Yoghurt now available with natural mango and woodapple. 

Continuously focused on delivering safe and healthy nutrition in the most delicious way possible, Kotmale has blended the goodness of locally sourced fresh milk with real fruit which makes the Kotmale Drinking Yoghurt a truly unique experience. 

“Each day our product development team works very hard with our front-end team to ensure that we deliver an innovative and sought-after range to our customers as we strive to exceed every dairy product in Sri Lanka. The Kotmale drinking yoghurt is now clearly an all-time favourite ideal for on-the-go nutrition with great taste,” said Cargills Director Dairy Production Nimal Pathirana.

An ingenious recipe, the Kotmale drinking yoghurt is made at the state-of the-art Cargills dairy production facility in the picturesque village of Baduragoda in Gampaha. The rigorous quality systems at the facility maintain product consistency and quality throughout the production cycle. “It’s not simply a unique idea that brings about a great recipe. It’s our discipline and commitment to keep doing and redoing an idea until we find the perfect formula that leaves our customer enthralled. Cargills has always been the first to come up with delicious and exciting variants in the dairy arena and the others follow. We are proud of our new variants mango and woodapple because it’s the result of months of research and product development, trial runs and sampling,” explained Pathirana. 

Drinking yoghurt, a complete meal with a range of health benefits 

Globally, drinking yoghurt has become one of the most popular beverage options for youth due to its health and taste appeal. Kotmale drinking yoghurt having just entered the market is making tremendous in-roads into the impulse beverage category offering young adults and children a healthier and tastier beverage option. 

Dr. Nelum Vithana (Doctor of Food Science and Technology) who fronts product research and development for Cargills noted that drinking yoghurt has a range of health benefits. “Yoghurt is easier to digest than milk: Many people, who cannot tolerate milk, either because of protein allergy or lactose intolerance, can enjoy yoghurt. Probiotics boost immunity and yoghurt overall helps to deactivate harmful substances (such as nitrates and nitrites) before they can become carcinogenic. It is also great for gut-health after antibiotic treatments. The natural fruit component of the drink provides a natural source of Vitamin C and fibre to your diet.” Dr. Vithana says a yoghurt drink can serve as a complete meal when you’re on the go since it has all the nutritional components required covering energy, protein, fat, vitamin, minerals and fibre.

Kotmale Drinking Yoghurt made from pure Sri Lankan fresh milk is manufactured at Cargills Quality Dairies, a state of the art ISO certified manufacturing facility that operates under stringent hygiene conditions. 

Today ‘Kotmale’ is the leading brand in Sri Lanka standing for highest quality value for money dairy products. The brand has won mass appeal for its delicious range of dairy ice cream as well as pasteurised milk, yoghurt, fresh cream, ghee, curd and its locally produced cheese. The company sources over 100,000 litres of fresh milk directly from local small farmers making the Kotmale brand synonymous with Sri Lankan milk.