Elephant House sausage hacks

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The legendary story of EH sausages starts from 1966. This distinctive story is built upon an extraordinary sausage that makes their patrons hyper and indulging when they even think of it. This is the story behind the well renowned celebrity sausage, Elephant House Sausages.

In 1966 Ceylon Cold Stores introduced this premium EH sausage to the market. People started consuming and engaging with this and adults in particular started fall in love with EH sausages. There is a huge secret behind the sausages that takes the consumers to an extreme level where they forget the whole world when they indulge 

Keells Foods VP Sales and Marketing Neil Samarasingheshared one of the secrets of EH sausages: “Hidden with the taste that is unique and inimitable, EH is an expert that gratifies the utmost food high of the consumers by its taste. The bite of the EH sausages is bursting with concoction of spices which give a wonderful flavour and succulence, juicy and meaty texture that makes you feel addicted to have more and more.”

With bigger ambitions of reaching more ardent lovers the Elephant House sausage Brands team strategised to take Elephant House sausages to any time of the day by finding quick and easy ways for the consumers to do it her/his self (DIY). To execute the strategy there was no other better way than to communicate about making succulent dishes of EH sausages in a simple but an effective way. 

“Elephant House sausage hacks were created to achieve consumer engagement and attract the affluent youth. EH hacks are a simple but a quick crisp way to get the communication across and this is the very first time marketers have attempted to take the brand message to the target audience in this fashion and for the first time Sri Lanka will get the opportunity to see vibrant but juicy make of Elephant House sausage dishes via EH sausage hacks,” opined Keells Foods PLCHead of Marketing SamariIhalagedara.

EH sausage hacks are promoted virallyvia Elephant House sausage FB page, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. EH hacks were launched at Fantastic four movie premier where every movie goer was given an invite to get connected to the EH sausages viral campaign. 

EH sausages hacks were shown on screen for the first time and EH has tags were used to depict the real taste of EH sausages. Many a youth did not hesitate to connect with the brand and was delighted to hold EH has tags to endorse the beauty of EH sausages.

EH sausage is handcrafted using fresh meats with lots of care. The quality adds further value to the consumers and has gained a trust that no other has.

EH sausage is so simply irresistibleand so easy to prepare. A dab of olive oil and toss of EH sausages can make your meal moment just awesome. EH sausage is so simple for you to make your own with your own fancy ideas and finally you create fantasy.