Live mindfully, eat deliciously

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PaanPaan makes a variety of ‘health breads’ and is starting an awareness campaign on the range of health breads to inform consumers on how to choose a health bread. 

Bread of late has had a bad reputation for being unhealthy, but not all bread is unhealthy.  A health bread can be both nourishing and delicious. To understand how to choose a health bread it is important to understand how wheat can be a part of a healthy diet.  

The wheat kernel is made of the endosperm, the bran and the germ.  White bread is made only from the endosperm, which is high in calories and low in nutrition. A health bread is made from the whole grain, including the bran and the germ, which are high in fibre and nutrients.  Flour made from the whole grain is called whole meal, or whole grain. A health bread also contains other nutritious grains and seeds which can be part of a healthy diet.  

Health breads are also free of preservatives, added sugar and added fat.  The taste of healthy bread can vary to suit various palettes and bread can be both delicious and nourishing, too. PaanPaan makes a variety of health breads to suit a range of dietary plans and palettes.


health breads

Low G.I. Multi-seed Bread – This delicious bread is made from wheat flour, wheat bran, rye, oats, sun flower seeds, lin seeds and pumkin seeds. There is no added fat, no added sugar and no preservatives in this bread. This bread rates 54 on the Glycemic index and is recommended for diabetic meal plans and for weight control diets. 

100% Wholemeal Bread – This bread is made from 100% wholemeal flour and is free of preservatives with no added sugar.  A bit of butter is added to give the bread some moisture and texture. 

Dark Rye Bread – This dense, healthy bread is made from rye flour with no added sugar, no added fat and no preservatives. Made according to a German recipe, this bread has a unique and slightly sour flavour. It digests slowly, making it a great bread for weight loss diets.

Multi-seed Brown Bread – This soft and delicious bread is made of wheat flour, wheat bran, rye, oats, sunflower seeds, linseed, and pumpkin seeds. There is some added fat and sugar in this bread and suitable for an everyday healthy diet. 

High Fibre Oat Bread – Made of wheat flour, oat flour and oat flakes, this bread is high in dietary fibres and is an excellent bread for those who prefer to have white bread. No added sugar, No preservatives.

Brown Kade Paan – For those who are used to the traditional kade paan, this moderately healthy brown bread is made from wheat flour and wholemeal flour. Some fat and sugar is added to this bread to give it taste and moisture. 

Atta Flour Chapatis – Made with 100% atta flour, this super healthy rotti has no added sugar, and no preservatives. Made fresh every day.

Brown Sandwich Bread – Made from wheat flour and wholemeal flour, this bread is perfect for sandwiches.  This bread has some sugar and some fat added and a minimal amount of preservatives are added to give it four days of shelf life. 

Gluten-free Bread – Made from a mix imported from New Zealand. This bread is made for people suffering from celiac disease and who are looking for a gluten-free bread. This bread is made from potato, maize and rice starch.  No wheat flour. No added sugar. No preservatives.  Made to order on Tuesdays and Fridays only. 

To promote awareness on the range of health breads, PaanPaan will be handing out samples of each bread for a week at all the outlets.  If one is mindful on the bread that they choose, they don’t have to compromise between taste and nourishment. Hence we invite people to ‘Live mindfully and eat deliciously’. PaanPaan will be happy to answer any questions on the range of health breads and can be contacted by email on [email protected]  or call 011 7500 200.