Keells products: A range that covers every household need at great prices

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  • Range of over 300+ good quality food and household products, which are priced low
  • New range of organic products 
  • Robust quality procedures to ensure products meet quality standards
  • New free-from-lactose products for lactose intolerant customers
  • Good quality products at better prices for every household need exclusively at Keells

In a day and age where convenience, price as well as good quality matters when shopping for your family’s household needs, Keells is a one-stop-shop. The range of Keells products not only covers majority of the household needs, it is available at very attractive prices compared to regular brands and is of good quality. 

Providing customers access to lower priced good quality products was the main drive behind introducing the Keells own label range. Since inspection several years ago, the range has currently grown to include more than 300 products in attractive packaging that is easily identifiable as Keells. Keells own label products are priced competitively due to the minimum marketing and distribution costs incurred as they are products marketed by Keells itself. This enables Keells to ensure that customers who shop this range experience a saving in their basket due to the competitive prices. 

The range of Keells own label products consists of popular essentials such as rice, pulses, eggs, spices and to household items which include dishwash liquid, detergents, paper products and cleaners. The newly introduced range of Keells biscuits which consists of Marie biscuits, wafers, cream crackers, chocolate and custard cream biscuits have become instant bestsellers in the market. 

Offering customers healthy and nutritious product choices is important to Keells, and a range of dry organic products have been currently introduced which includes coconut oil, spices such as cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and green and black tea. ‘Free From’ is another category where currently lactose-free soy chocolate and vanilla ice creams have been introduced along with a soy milk powder. 

Other categories in the pipeline are gluten-free and low sugar products and will offer customers who are intolerant to gluten a variety of options to choose from. Introducing these products at affordable prices is a testament regarding Keells’s focus on listening to customers and providing them with quality and affordable products. 

Keells own label products go through a stringent quality checking process and quality checks are performed periodically throughout the supply chain. These include an independently conducted facility audit, a sensory evaluation of products and at certain times an audit by the Keells Quality Assurance Team as well. Out of its own label suppliers 49% are GMP certified, a testament to the quality of the products. 

This year saw Keells introduce an ‘Ethical Sourcing Policy’ to its own label suppliers which includes a process of checking on parameters such as adherence to environmental policies, water consumption and discharge, waste and affluent discharge, labour practices, plastic and polythene usage and noise and pollution impact among others. This is not all, if scores are lower than the expected benchmark Keells plans to work with the suppliers to improve the score thereby supporting the supplier to uplift their standards and improving the quality of the products.

John Keells Holdings President – Retail Charitha Subasinge said that the ambition of introducing own label products which are of good quality but at lower price was to make these everyday items accessible and affordable to more customers. He further added that listening to customers and providing new categories of products such as the organic range to ‘free from lactose’ products is directly in line with the Keells journey of striving to ‘improve the quality of life for the nation’.