A new level of dining in Negombo with Amagi Aria

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A hot cup of coffee to go, a refreshing tea in the afternoon, a post-dinner espresso – tea and coffee have been key requirements in our daily consumption. But how does it become a dining experience? 

The chefs at Amagi Aria have taken on a new twist with flavoured blends by introducing three exciting coffee and tea infused indulgences. The perks? A robustness and complexity that will make your gastronomical experiences at Amagi Aria daring and delicious. 

The first among these pleasures is a five-course seafood dinner paired with vino and cheese at Moya; Amagi Aria’s fine dining seafood restaurant. Priced at Rs. 8,500 nett per person, this feast is available on Saturdays for dinner and includes delectable treats such as truffle scrambled egg with beluga caviar and crispy bacon, lobster terrine with lemon jelly, lobster tart with creamy wild mushroom sauce, crispy wontons, crisp skin salmon over green peas puree, black rice cake, sorbet, char grill Angus veal tenderloin and wild mushroom scented polenta. For the perfect end, the dessert options consist of bitter chocolate and coffee mousse, raspberry jelly, blueberry compote and meringue peal severed with fresh mango.

Moya also serves a four-course dinner, where you can choose between a coffee infused meal courtesy of Illy Coffee or a meal infused with single estate Sri Lankan Estate tea courtesy of PMD Silva and Sons. Each menu is priced at Rs. 3,500 nett per person and is available throughout the week. 

The tea-infused menu includes flavoursome specials such as amuse bouche, Ceylonese tea smoked scallops with ham, artichokes and béarnaise, cinnamon flavored tea and mushroom cappuccino, chateaubriand and jasmine tea enhanced fresh pomegranate sorbet with mint, snapper and king prawns, cinnamon coated glazed beetroot and cauliflower ragout with white fillet of snapper, southern ocean king prawns served with shallot, tea pomelo comfit and dill prune jus and green tea-infused dark chocolate mousse with caramelized banana and mango. 

The coffee infused menu consists of amuse bouche, coffee smoked salmon steak with asparagus saffron lemongrass emulsion, fennel-infused lobster cappuccino with coffee froth, coffee-infused sorbet, moda fish, mussels, crab, king prawns served with coffee shallot and dill jus and cold coffee soufflé served with distilled papaya chutney and fruit caulis. 

Amagi Aria has also introduced a unique high tea experience where tea is carefully and perfectly paired with the types of sweets and savouries served. For Rs. 2,400 nett for two persons, you get to savour 15 varieties of sweets and savouries ranging from egg, cress and shallot comfit on white bread, sun-dried tomato focaccia , butternut squash, smoked salmon and sweet dill mayonnaise on lemon bread, cucumber minted cream cheese on caraway seed bread, Ceylon mini bites such as prawn wade, malu paan, roasted cashew nuts with cinnamon, cassava cutlets and sweet treats such as Paris-breast crunchy praline, caramel heart, cherry cheesecake, chocolate sable, pistachio financier, yuzu gel, vanilla chantilly, shiso, dulce panna cotta, blackberry compote. 

In addition, dips and scones are served separately and include chocolate dip, chocolate covered strawberries, clotted cream scones, strawberry preserve scones and coconut cream-filled scones.

This tiered high tea is served on the lagoon deck to give you much more than a treat to your palate, but an overall treat to your senses. 

Visit Amagi Aria in Negombo for the most unforgettable indulgences. For more information and reservations please call 0703569143.