Workshop on the modern approach to containment of diabetes

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MARKSS Healthcare organised a workshop on optimal care for diabetes mellitus patients at the Ceylinco Cancer Detection Centre for all medical professionals working at their centre.

The occasion was highlighted by a keynote lecture delivered by Dr. Prasad Katulanda, a leading Consultant Endocrinologist – one of the few doctors possessing the latest knowledge and skills in managing diabetes.

The special content of his lecture created a great awareness amongst his audience on how a person becomes diabetic, the methods of detecting and ascertaining whether a patient is in fact diabetic and how to prevent or minimise the disease progression of diabetes.

Over the last few years, a marked improvement in the care and control of diabetes has taken place due to the fact that medical facilities for patients is more advanced when compared to a decade ago. Presently, treatment with medication for diabetic patients is carried out only after exploring all the other treatment options.

Dr. Katulanda, when addressing the subject of a balanced approach to management of diabetes emphasised the need and value of a regular regiment of frequent exercise, proper dietary management and physiotherapy.

He also reiterated the importance of doctors of varying specialties working in harmony at a team to improve the disease outcome for the patient. He also pointed out the necessity and value of nephrologists, nutritionists, ophthalmologists and neurologists coming together in diabetic management, since diabetes often results in complications connected with kidneys, eyes and the nervous system. He also included the requirement of surgeons needed to handle the complications of wounds.

He summarised his speech by specifying guidelines that the people at large need to follow such as maintaining a healthy and balanced diet, consisting of carbohydrates and fats appropriate to their age, regular exercise, low stress levels and a good intake of dietary fibre.  He further stated on the importance of visiting a physician regularly for check-ups and to unfailingly seeing a physician at the slightest suspicion of having diabetes when symptoms of passing excessive urine – especially at night, excessive and unusual thirst, a wound that takes an unusually long time to heal or numbness in the sole of the foot occur.

He concluded by stating that many drugs which have been enhanced over the years are now available, bringing hope to diabetic patients. However he also reminded the audience not to lose sight of the fact that drugs alone cannot achieve the containment of the disease.   Dr. Katulanda reinforced his workshop address by stating: “It is an awareness and respect for one’s life that should encourage people to eat healthy and maintain a stress-free lifestyle towards achieving a full and enriched life.”