Unity Mission Trust to hold ‘Zoom-In 6&7’ this June in Mannar and Vavuniya

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Student leaders from across Sri Lanka will join their peers from Mannar and Vavuniya at Erukkalampiddy Muslim MB (Mannar) and Rambaikulam Girls’ MB (Vavuniya) respectively, on 14 and 15 June 2014 to participate in a special one-day leadership program captioned as ‘Zoom-In 6&7’. The program will be conducted at each school by Ekamuthu Oray Makkal Unity Mission Trust. The Unity Mission Trust (UMT) has been in existence since May 2009 and is a non-profit trust that is dedicated to fostering unity, integration, healing and reconciliation between teenagers and young adults in the Wanni area and their peers from all over Sri Lanka. The Zoom-In program conducted exclusively by the Unity Mission Trust is built as a regional follow- up program that reunites unity campers from the series of ‘Unity Camps’ conducted by UMT. The most recent ‘Unity Camp’, the sixth in the series, was held in October 2013 in Killinochchi. The Zoom-In program aims to bring together young leaders who will participate in leadership, self-confidence, empowerment and integration building activities. The ‘Zoom-In 6&7’ program will re-unite and strengthen relationships between peers across Sri Lanka who have participated in UMT programs in the past. The program will also feature a ‘Gifts of Love’ initiative where students from the Wanni region will receive the gifts from student leaders from the South. The upcoming programs for UMT in 2014 include, ‘Unity Camp 7’ to be held from 25 to 28 September 2014 in Matara. This will be followed by the second edition of ‘Power One Hundred’ consisting of students who have completed their A-levels. ‘Ray of Hope’, a fusion of mind, culture and talent and the second Annual National Unity and Integration Awards will take place from 7 to 9 November 2014 in Jaffna. The UMT is currently structured as a non-profit voluntary organisation governed by a board of trustees, an executive management team, an operations team and a pool of volunteers who are available to support ground level projects. In addition, UMT is strengthened by regional youth leadership councils that have been set up in nine different provinces and the National Youth Leadership Council that links together all regional councils. UMT also has a group of senior consultants, who are mostly retired senior education officers, who have volunteered their time towards the work of the Unity Mission Trust. UMT in addition to its leadership programs conducts English classes and has in place an educational scholarship scheme for outstanding student leaders from the Wanni area. The UMT aims to develop the skills of teenagers and young adults, building them into future leaders whilst helping them understand and accept their status as equals. The UMT now has over 4,500 students from all parts of the country who are linked together through a network of unity and friendship. For more information visit www.unitymisison.lk  or the Unity Mission Trust (UMT) Facebook page.