Thanthirimale glows with purity as Diva offers ‘Jasmine Mal Dansal’ for Poson devotees

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Poson Poya every June celebrates the arrival of Buddhism in Sri Lanka during the 3rd century when Arahat Mahinda preached his first sermon, in the ancient city of Anuradhapura. As a festival of great historical and religious importance celebrated island-wide by Buddhists, every year large numbers of devotees flock, to visit and pay homage to the cradle of Buddhism. 

Diva as an exemplary brand in the country, touching lives and contributing to community wellbeing organised a Mal Dansala at Thantirimale, the revered sacred Buddhist city to commemorate this blessed day.

As long lines of pilgrims dressed in symbolic white arrived to pay homage to the Buddhist statues and the sacred Bo tree in this city, an offering of Jasmine flowers, the celestial fragrance synonymous in Buddhism was given to each devotee, courtesy Diva helping enhance the reverence of the occasion. 

Diva also provided sachets of their newly introduced range of the ‘Diva Flowers’ Jasmine and Lime variant washing powder to enable the large crowd of devotees to continue their pilgrimage with simplicity and purity; in clean and fragrant clothes. Approximately over two lakhs of devotees visited the sacred area during the Poson period.

Commenting on their decision to partner in this blessed occasion Hemas Manufacturing Brand Manager Shanaka Fernando said, “We at Diva understand the spiritual fragrance that flows from Thantirimale as a sacred city. We earnestly believe our humble offering of the relaxing scent of jasmine to all devotees helped them usher in a day of unique religious significance.” 

“We trust the Jasmine scented Diva Flowers detergent sachet presented to all pilgrims helped them continue all their future religious observances in clean attire,” he noted.

‘Diva Flowers’ Rose and Lime variant is also available. In addition Diva has introduced its new and improved detergent soaps available in lime, lemon and jasmine fragrances.

Diva a brand of Hemas Manufacturing, recently kicked off its exciting mega consumer promotion, Idame Vasanawa for the fifth consecutive year. Consumers are eligible to win the grand prize of a plot of land close to Colombo and other exciting prizes, sending their entry via post to: P.O. Box 1289, Colombo.