SJMS sets up water purification plant in Padaviya

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A water purification plant was recently donated by the Welfare and CSR Society of SJMS Associates to A/Padavi Mahasen Maha Vidyalaya in Padaviya, a school located approximately 96 km north of Anuradhapura, bordering the districts Anuradhapura, Trincomalee and Mulaitivu. The school has a student population of about 1,200 and staff numbering 96, with classrooms up to GCE A/L. Despite these impressive statistics, the school lacks clean drinking water, a basic necessity that all inhabitants of this region are deprived of because of the unacceptably high content of calcium salts in the natural water available here. The inability to have access to clean water is a serious problem that has immensely affected the health of the people of this region. Many, including children, have already died of kidney malfunction and an innumerable others are undergoing severe hardships, both physically and financially, because of the complications in their kidneys caused directly by regular use of this hard water. With a view to safeguarding at least the new generation to an extent possible, the SJMS Welfare and CSR Society took up the initiative to instal a water purification plant in a fairly populated school. The operations of the plant involve the cleansing of water through three filters and neutralising the high calcium content in it with the introduction of regenerated salt. This process, when handled by experts, transforms the natural water in to water that is purified of its harmful effects, and thereby, safe for day-to-day consumption.Water purification plants therefore, are essential for the people of this region but are beyond their means. The establishment and continuous maintenance of a water purification plant is a costly affair. Hence, the generosity of donors is the only hope for the farming community of this region.