Nawaloka Hospital ‘Sathkara’ improves Mathugama schools’ health

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An ongoing CSR project by Nawaloka Hospital recently upgraded the facilities for drinking water and sanitation in two schools in the Mathugama area. This recently introduced ‘Sathkara’ CSR project by Nawaloka Hospital has upgraded the health facilities of two schools, the Bellana Haldola Ginawansha primary school and the Ilukpotha secondary school, as the first two of a total of ten primary schools selected to receive assistance under the ‘Nawaloka Sathkara’ program.

Additionally, this CSR project also plans to sponsor other projects which will positively impact the health standards of people, and especially children, across the island. Initially, under the ‘Nawaloka Sathkara’ program, the Bellana Haldola Ginawansha primary school was assisted with the repair of an existing well, their only source of drinking water.

The well was also fitted with a protective cover to further limit the entry of external pollutants. Additionally, a complete pipeline system was installed along with sinks and taps, giving those in the school access to naturally clean drinking water.

Also, a newly built block of classrooms was donated to the school under this program, with the play area also upgraded. Another element was the painting of the school hall, giving it a bright new appearance and creating a better environment.

Similarly, the sanitary facilities of the Ilukpotha, secondary school was upgraded, and now includes a new drinking water system, which is an essential requirement for good health. Here too, the school was given a facelift with the buildings being painted and the play area renovated. A new school gate was also installed for added safety under this program.

To further mark these milestones, at both schools, health awareness and education sessions were held for children, conducted by teams of nurses from Nawaloka Hospital. These provided useful advice on the topic of basic personal hygiene.

Commenting on this CSR project, Nawaloka Hospital Financial Controller Maya Wickremage said: “We care about the health and well-being of everyone, as a healthy population is a benefit to the country for generations to come.

“Going par with our mission of providing the best health care, Nawaloka Hospitals always strives to fulfil its duty towards the society in the most effective and professional manner and we look forward to continue this dedication in higher dimensions in times to come.

With more than 400 beds and 600 visiting medical consultants, Nawaloka Hospital is the largest local private hospital in a single location, which is also the country’s first fully fledged private healthcare institution, opened in 1985 with only 100 beds.

The hospital was responsible for the well-being of over 1.5 million patients in total during the 2011/2012 period, during which it also carried out close to 15,000 surgeries.