Azizah Foundation in Kinniya expands its helping hand

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The Azizah Foundation in Kinniya founded in 1994, by Moulavi S.L.M. Hassan (B.A. Al-Azhar University, Egypt), has expanded its relief activities in the area. The Foundation was started with an aim of serving the underprivileged communities of Trincomalee District. Since its inception, Moulavi Hassan, served the needs of the poverty stricken community through a number of projects that encompassed medical services, emergency and disaster relief programs, social and education improvement programs, and more importantly the distribution of dry rations throughout the years. In the wake of the 2004 tsunami, the Azizah Foundation took the lead in harnessing the support of international charity organisations, such as Muslime Helfen Germany and Kinniya For Life Foundation to provide much needed food, medicine and shelter to the victims. The Tsunami project which assisted more than 50,000 displaced people of the Trincomalee District was spear-headed by Sadiq Hassan, the son of Moulavi Hassan, in his capacity as Programs Director/Secretary of the foundation. Following the demise of Moulavi Hassan, who was a much-loved and respected personality in Kinniya in 2014, Sadiq Hassan has taken on the mantle of Chairman at the Azizah Foundation.  Under the new chairmanship of Sadiq, the foundation continues its services to the local communities with the same passion and vigour. Within a short period of eight months, the foundation involved itself in major charity projects such as the Ramadhan dry rations distributions to over 16,000 families, the distribution of school stationery and school bags to over 2,500 underprivileged children and more recently the distribution of flood relief and medical facilities to people affected by the flash floods in December 2014. This project alone involved relief to over 1,500 families. The Azizah Foundation also continues to conduct free skills training programs to over 250 students each year, providing them the foundation for a better future. The Azizah Foundation has served the needy of Kinniya for over 20 years and has earned the trust and respect of the locals of the area. Following in his father’s footsteps, Sadiq continues to serve the people with a sincere vision to elevate the local communities from poverty, by providing not only their basic needs, but also education and employability skills development, thereby ensuring that the people of the area are able to secure employment in Sri Lanka as well as overseas. The Foundation is also involved in the running of two separate orphanages. Established in 1996, the Hassanath Boys Orphanage and Hassanath Girls Orphanage have been a beacon of hope for children who have lost their parents. Especially in the aftermath of the tsunami, the orphanage sheltered and cared for over 200 orphans. Currently about 120 children are nurtured by the two orphanages. Sadiq envisages a better future for the people of Kinniya through social and economic development, brought about by doing away with poverty and providing a good education, which in turn would manifest into a self-sustainable society. Through the Azizah Foundation and its partner organisations, Sadiq hopes to empower society in a manner in which a positive transformation will be manifested.