Sun Match brings hope to amputees in need

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Sun Match Chairman and MD Suri Rajan addressing the gathering

Deserving recipients being fitted with high-quality prosthesis limbs 



Given the challenges faced due to the ongoing pandemic, many companies are forced to cut down costs. The iconic company from the hill capital, Sun Match, continued its value-driven philosophy by its founder T.R.R. Rajan, through an initiative of transforming the lives of amputees by helping them walk again. High-quality prosthesis limbs manufactured by the Centre for the Handicap in Kundasale were donated to the needy for helping restore their dignity, self-reliance and hope for a better future.

Supporting those affected by amputation or limb absence, the #helpthemwalk project has to-date helped over hundreds of amputees and others with physical disabilities, from various parts of the country and different walks of life, to benefit from this project, that is carried out annually to commemorate the death anniversary of its visionary founder, the late T.R.R. Rajan, who established the project 19 years ago. 

The late Rajan held the Chairmanship of the Centre for the Handicapped for a number of years, during which time globally-reputed agencies such as USAID and NORAD partnered the Centre and the Government of Sri Lanka. 

Gowri Rajan, the founder’s daughter, and the Director of Sun Match said, “We understand that navigating the complexities of limb loss can be completely overwhelming and our mission is to support and empower all amputees to lead independent and fulfilled lives. There are hundreds of simple, daily tasks the average person takes for granted, such as walking up stairs, riding a bike, or simply walking across the room. An amputee knows that even with superhuman strength or years of practice, those tasks can still be impossible without the right prosthetic fit and function. The unfortunate reality is that many amputees in Sri Lanka often don’t have financial ability required to cover the high cost of prosthetic needs. That’s where we step in.”

The younger brother of late T.R.R. Rajan, Suri Rajan, who is the current Chairman and Managing Director of the company said, “Through this project, we have been able to remove the physical limitations that amputees face, and we have seen how these prosthetists limbs make such a meaningful contribution to society, allowing people to have hope, stand up every day, and walk on their own again. We believe that every person deserves the opportunity for mobility and our vision is to enable amputees of all ages to not be disadvantaged by their disability but instead be able to lead active lives and achieve their dreams and ambitions.”

The Sun Match Company is a powerful household brand, with a product range that includes a selection of incense sticks of 14 different variants, Soorya candles, toothpicks and the latest addition of Sun Hygiene brand of disinfectants. Each of the products has been recognised for its superior quality and safety and proven to be consumer-friendly.

The #helpthemwalkproject is the company’s key CSR project that has provided the essential advocacy, support and services for those individuals and families struggling with the effects and complications of limb loss.