DTW International with UPL donates high tech ULV fogging equipment to National Dengue Control Unit

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DTW International Ltd. (DTW) in partnership with UPL Ltd. (UPL) donated a high tech ULV fogging equipment to further strengthen National Dengue Control Units armoury in its battle against the deadly dengue disease. NDCU can be identified as the central government body that leads the country’s battle against the spread of dengue disease. Their dedicated work prioritising surveillance and implementing integrated vector management strategies has been key in terms of controlling the spread of dengue over the years.

Amidst the ongoing battle against COVID-19 Sri Lanka’s medical efforts were also burdened with the seasonal dengue outbreak that peaks during the two monsoon seasons in Sri Lanka. As per the Epidemiology Unit of Ministry of Health Sri Lanka as of 9 June, 20,498 cumulative cases were reported. It’s expected to peak during the coming months. Numbers have clearly portrayed the cases of dengue and its mortality rates in Sri Lanka has outnumbered COVID-19 cases. 

Thus, it is very important to ensure every step would be taken to curtail the dengue spread to better enable the government to focus its efforts and resources on the battle against the more novel pandemic COVID-19. Therefore DTW together with UPL stepped forward to perform their duty by the country, equipping NDCU with a high tech P2ULV back pack unit which is a powerful ULV equipment fully compliant with the requirements of the WHO equipment for vector control specification guidelines (WHO/HTM/NTD/WHOPES/2010.9) revised edition 2010.

These high tech ULV units are globally being used for, disinfection, mosquito control and general pest management programs. These machines have equipped public health sector professionals globally with the required technology to protect people against infections such as dengue, zika virus and other deadly disease out breaks. Similarly, these robust ULV equipment assist the users to obtain enhanced results as it enables the solutions to be dispersed in the originally potent form in a more efficient and environmentally sustainable manner. 

DTW has successfully been supplying these ULV units to the public health sector professionals, various government and private entities to well equip their battle against COVID-19 and dengue. The high powered P2ULV back pack unit with a 6 litre capacity boast of a robust spraying technology enabling a maximum reach, making it an ideal option for small and confined outdoor areas. On the other hand the electrically operated Cold Fill Nebuliser with an integrated 4 litre tank make it an ideal solution for disinfection, mosquito and general pest control of indoor areas in hospitals, hotels, office spaces, warehouses and public areas, etc.

DTW International Ltd. (DTW) has been providing supply solutions to Agri and Public Health Sector industry verticals in strategic partnership with UPL for over two decades. DTW also provides strategic supply solutions to few more industry verticals. UPL Ltd. (UPL) headquartered in India is the fifth largest crop protection input manufacturing company in the world with fast growing presence in innovative environmental protection inputs. This partnership has offered many innovative solutions in agriculture and public health sector space in the past. 

Similarly looking forward to introduce environmentally sustainable solutions with green chemistries for the battle against dengue and other public health sector challenges faced by the society.