Unilever launches Domex in Sri Lanka

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Unilever has launched Domex in Sri Lanka, an expert toilet cleaning product with a unique formulation especially designed to kill germs.

Unilever Sri Lanka Marketing Manager Makshoodh Meerasaibu said: “Sodium hypochlorite, commonly known as bleach, is a well known and a recognised disinfectant used world over for germ killing. It is a chemical component which is capable of killing all types of germs such as bacteria, yeast, moulds, viruses and bacteria spores.”

 “Unlike the common toilet cleaners available in the market at present, Domex’s bleach based formulation provides its consumers a cutting edge solution to keep their toilets germ free.”

According to Domex Asst. Brand Manager Dulanganee Matugama, nowadays housewives are becoming increasingly concerned not only about toilet cleanliness, but also about hygiene.

“People in Sri Lanka consider toilet sanitation an essential requirement in their daily lives. Our consumers can look forward to Domex as a brand which gives promising results against germs while ensuring hygienic surroundings for the family.”

Domex has been in the international market for 70 years under the brand name Domestos, providing families a totally trusted solution for toilet hygiene. Domex has a strong presence in 35 countries including UK, Turkey, Vietnam, Philippines, and India, and is expected to win the confidence of the Sri Lankan consumer fast.