Unilever Ceytea’s productivity practices lauded at JASTECA Awards

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Unilever Sri Lanka’s Ceytea factory was recognised for its productivity practices at the 18th annual Japan Sri Lanka Technical and Cultural Association (JASTECA) awards held recently. Ceytea was adjudged the winner of the 5S award in the manufacturing and engineering sector of the Taiki Akimoto 5S competition 2014 and the Nagaaki Yamamoto KAIZEN award of the Nagaaki Yamamoto KAIZEN competition at the event. “We are delighted to be recognised at this distinguished forum. This award is a reflection of the Ceytea team’s outstanding efforts and their steadfast commitment to the implementation of 5S and KAIZEN,” said Noman Lutfi, Supply Chain Director at Unilever Sri Lanka. “The two practices have been pivotal to helping the factory keep up its high levels of productivity and efficiency over the years to deliver greater business results.” The Unilever Ceytea Factory, formally known as Premium Exports Ceylon Limited (PECL), is Unilever’s ‘instant tea’ factory located in Agarapathana and functions as a strategic unit of the Lipton Ice Tea supply chain, supplying over 70% of the Ready to Drink volumes sourced by Pepsi Lipton International. With employees across all levels taking ownership of and getting actively involved in the initiative, 5S has helped the factory cut down on stock levels, process times, defects and accidents and create a pleasant and safe environment. Moving beyond the workplace, the Ceytea team has supported the community around the factory to adopt 5S as well. Ceytea follows two Kaizen or continuous improvement methodologies – Genba KAIZENS, small improvements which can be suggested and implemented on the shop floor and Kobetsu KAIZENS, more focused improvement projects which require cross functional involvement. Ceytea has implemented a few hundred of small improvements and over 10 Kobetsu KAIZENS in 2014. Together, 5S and KAIZEN have helped Ceytea boost productivity and deliver outstanding results time and time again.