Seylan Towers installs smart energy saving system through PEP

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Perth Eco Power (PEP), a pioneer in the energy conservation services field has completed installing advanced energy management systems in Seylan Bank’s Head Office, the Seylan Towers recently. 

These systems bearing energy-efficient chillers are slated to reduce Seylan Towers’ monthly energy bill by 15%, according to PEP Chairman Dammica Wickramaratne. He said that over 20% of the energy in commercial buildings is used for Heating, Ventilation and Cooling (HVAC). He said that the in the Existing HVAC systems used in buildings, there is a consumption of about 50 to 60% of the total energy. Buildings are the main power consumers and is the largest consumer in upgrade their existing HVAC systems and the introduce cutting edge energy management systems.

Wickramaratne who had completed a similar assignment for Cinnamon Grand recently, making it the first green building in the country explained that a system installed which consumes a large amount of power that is no longer affordable to any corporate. 

“The solution is these high efficiency chillers. The patented Magnetic Bearing Technology in these chillers levitates the surfaces of the inner bearing so that there is no metal-to-metal contact. As such there is no sound, no vibrations and less maintenance cost. Because of this performance, you may have your office space right next to chiller rooms,” he said. 

These machines automatically adjust the speed to match the load and the chillers will work at a higher level of efficiency, he added. “What this means in layman’s terms is that for lesser power you will have the same work done.”

He said that this is the right time to be in Sri Lanka as now companies are not only thinking of initial investment, but now there are considering the return on investment as well. “With an efficient HVAC system and dynamic energy and space monitoring system your property has additional value. It does not matter whether it is a hospital, school, hotel or an office building this technology is beneficial to all. In America this technology is in 50% of the market. In Canada and Australia it is higher. We can save about 430 to 50% of your energy consumption compared to other conventional technologies all this can be had simply changing your chiller.”

The installation of these new systems does not impact your bottom line, he noted, adding that this is because they save a lot expense on maintenance and repairs. “The intelligent energy management system that we install will show anyone authorised to access the system, the current status of the power consumption of the building,” he said, adding that Cinnamon Grand has done just that. “The system we have installed there has already begun to show a considerable saving.” 

PEP was incorporated in Perth Australia and Lanka Energy conservation (LEC), its subsidiary was incorporated in Sri Lanka established Wickramaratne is the locally arm which provide similar services.