Rainco recognises its top dealers at ‘Agayamu 2015, Platinum Dealer Awards’

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Rainco, the market leader in umbrella production recently held an awards ceremony under the theme ‘Agayamu 2015, Platinum Dealer Awards’ to reward its top dealers. The leading 250 dealers of Rainco were invited for a grand award ceremony which took place recently at the Grand Ballroom of the Hilton Colombo. fh

The entrance of the Grand Ballroom was decorated with Rainco flags signifying to everyone that the ground was set for a grand event while the foyer area was decorated with multihued umbrellas giving guests the experience of entering a vibrant umbrella paradise. The guests were met by the area sales managers and the sales representatives at the entrance and ushered to their seats following the registration.

The event began with an introduction about Rainco and the Platinum award ceremony. The event theme depicted two umbrellas connected at the handle. Rainco solely depends on its dealers to ensure availability of its product. Co-dependency is very important and Rainco has committed itself to further enhance the businesses of their top most dealers. With this objective in mind the launch of the ‘Abiwurdhi’ program was announced. 

Head of Sales and Marketing Manjula Rodrigo said: “As part of our tribute to you, we will be giving you an award. However, I must mention that our gratitude to you is not limited to an award. It goes way beyond that. As part of our initiatives to show our appreciation and gratitude we would also like to inform you about a special program that we plan to conduct for your shop assistants. We want to share our experience with your shop assistants and provide them training which will help them to excel their business skills.” 

Rodrigo also went on to introduce the latest Rainco umbrella range, the ‘Fashion Umbrella’ range. Rainco Fashion Umbrellas will be in the market during the next few days. Speaking at the event, Rainco Chairman S.L.M. Fausz stated, “Rainco is what it is today because you were the strength of the company. The company has gone through many tough times to come to this position and I take this opportunity to thank you for giving strength during such times. The Agayamu 2015, Platinum Dealer awards was held with the objective of showing our gratitude to our top customers and thanking them for their loyalty. We also wanted to reward them, thereby further enhancing our fruitful relationship.”

Rainco Managing Director Fazal Fausz said: “Our philosophy is to continuously improve on what we do and create value in the eyes of the customer. We cultivate the best values in our people and strive to build the best customer service. Our subsidiaries, though they are very young are the market leaders in their respective categories. We believe that change matters and always try to achieve greater heights and reach our vision while changing the world for a better place.”

The event was a fun filled evening featuring vibrant dance acts and a comedy act. All guests were treated to a gala lunch at the Hilton, which was an ideal opportunity to further enhance the relationship between both parties.