Orange Electric rewards environment conscious customers with ‘CFL Ganu Denu’ awards

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Orange Electric’s four-month long CFL bulb promotion (buying a discounted CFL for each old one returned to the store) ended in a grand draw recently, rewarding all their environment conscious customers. The promotion, which rewarded customers who sent in the top flap of any Orange CFL bulb, also allowed customers an additional chance at the draw if they produced any old burnt out CFL bulb with the purchase of the Orange CFL bulb. The burnt out CFL also gives a Rs. 10 discount on any Orange CFL bulb the customer purchases. The company launched the promotion not only with the intention of increasing sales of their CFL bulbs but also with the idea of preserving the environment from harmful mercury in CFLs which can contaminate ground water if not properly disposed of. At the awards function held at their headquarters in Nawinna, the company gave away a Suzuki Swift as the grand prize along with five TVS motor bicycles, 20 sofa sets 20 two-door refrigerators, 25 LED TVs and 30 foot cycles as other prizes. Interestingly, a driver plying a school van for his income won the grand prize. M.G. James from Moratuwa who was the winner of the Suzuki Swift said: “I couldn’t believe it when I first heard that I was the winner of the grand prize. I was thrilled to receive the letter from Orange Electric telling me I am the winner. I am not a rich man and it is very hard to make a living these days.  This is an unexpected boon that will definitely improve my life.” He added: “I came to know of the raffle draw as I read newspapers and I sent in my application. I drive children back and forth from their schools but never had a vehicle that I could call my own, and now thanks to Orange Electric I am the owner of a brand new car.” Commenting on the draw, Orange Electric Group Director Corporate, Legal and HR Channa Ranasinghe said: “We have been able to penetrate into every part of the island and establish ourselves as the leading manufacturer of electric products in Sri Lanka. The reason behind this is that our success has been built on consumer trust.  Not only is the ‘CFL Ganu Denu’ promotion a tribute to our loyal customers for buying our products over the years but it is also a reward for their environmental consciousness, in helping Orange Electric in our pursuit of disposing old CFL bulbs in a responsible manner.” Orange Electric is the only company in Sri Lanka to own a state-of-the-art CFL and FTL recycling plant in Sri Lanka (the first-ever in South Asia) to properly dispose of CFL bulbs. Through promotions such as ‘CFL Ganu Denu,’ it has managed to engage the public and build awareness on the environmental hazards posed by the mercury components of CFL bulbs. The response to this promotion proves that with public awareness and interest about preserving electricity as well as the environment, CFL remains a very viable option, said Orange Electric AGM Marketing Ameen Gani. “While promoting CFL bulbs, we need to look into their adverse impacts too. That is why we initiated this project. This promotion has an extremely valid CSR aspect. This is not just about increasing our numbers, while increasing our numbers, we are opting to do something for the safety of our environment which every one of us is a part of and I would urge every citizen in Sri Lanka to join Orange Electric in the pursuit of preserving nature for the future by handing over any brand of burnt out CFL bulbs to the nearest Orange Electric dealer rather than throwing them in the bin. We will reward you with a discount of Rs. 10 when you buy any new Orange CFL.” The largest manufacturer of electrical appliance in Sri Lanka, Orange Electric has also become a formidable force in the electrical industry in Asia. It is the only Sri Lankan company which takes responsibility towards the proper disposal of CFL bulbs, preserving the environment for future generations.