OpenArc launches new product platform in Business Intelligence Solutions

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OpenArc Systems Management, a pioneer in providing software solutions to the banking and finance industry in Sri Lanka launched its new product platform for ‘Implementation of Business Intelligence on the cloud’ for any business enterprise. 

The new product named as BIRD (Business Intelligence, Reporting and Big data Analytics) was launched at a CEO Meet-up forum at OpenArc in partnership with Sriyamsoft India, one of the OpenArc partner companies, a company media release said. 

“OpenArc is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and hoping to launch a series of new solutions in the near future catering to information systems needs of corporate entities as well as the mass market consumers within the country and global markets. This goes hand in hand with the company vision statement that states it wants ‘to be a world class software company and a university, financially and spiritually successful for the purpose of giving better life and happiness to mankind through best innovative technology solutions’,” OpenArc CEO Daya Hettiarachchi has said. 

At the product launch addressing the gathering of CEOs and IT heads of many organisations, he said that the new product platform ‘BIRD’ uses cutting edge technologies addressing next generation information challenges of corporate world such as multi-data source compatibility, report automation, multi-device support, elastic in memory database, predictive analytics and artificial intelligence that should deliver high performance management information in a real time environment.

In order to provide state-of-the-art business analytics solutions through user definable dashboards at the highest level of performance, this new product uses brand new technologies and concepts such as Meta data, Elastic In-memory databases, Intelligent Machine learning algorithms, MapReduce architecture etc.  

This new product platform will be compatible with most of the widely used corporate database systems such as Oracle, Informix, MS SQL etc., and any Open Source databases that companies use to store data within their Enterprise software applications, the release said. 

“The BIRD servers to be installed at client site or at data centres on the cloud shall be linked and synchronised with those existing live databases of client sites and user definable dash boards shall be provided on-premises networks or on mobile and other portable devices.” According to the release, as against most of the Business Intelligence solutions that are presently available in the market place this solution will be much more futuristic, technologically advanced and affordable to many customers irrespective of their size of the organisation, catering in particular to the SME sector of the country.

The total Information Management System solution offered by OpenArc includes a business analytics consultancy services through a new unit setup under direct leadership of Hettiarachchi. Information Systems Engineers attached to this unit shall undertake to develop and implement best Business Intelligence Systems for any corporate entity irrespective of the business sector they are in; whether it is engineering, manufacturing, banking and finance, hospitality, education, health or any other. “We shall study and recommend the best system to cater to decision focused, dashboard driven information on any device including mobile phones and tabs,” Hettiarachchi said. 

“All corporate entities that have interest in setting up of next generation management information systems with business analytics may now join ‘OpenArc CEO Meet-up for BI on the Cloud’ event that we have organised at the Sri Lanka Institute of Chartered Accountants on 2 March. We will be presenting this state-of-the-art solution and share our knowledge helping all the business enterprises achieve better business results in their day-to-day businesses.” Daya Hettiarachchi further emphasised the company vision in working in partnership with all corporate establishments in the country who would like to use this new product.