NHRDC strengthens capacity of SME

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Untitled-1E.A.C. Vidanagamachchi, GA Matara,  lit the traditional lamp and launched the program 23  December 2015.


The National Human Resources Development Council (NHRDC) of Sri Lanka, under the Ministry of National Policies and Economic Affairs, has  targeted empowering  Small and Medium Industries through conducting training programs in selected districts. 

Recently, three training programs were held in Pollonnaruwa, Matara and Kandy District with the objective of enhancing of skills of SME entrepreneurs in Administration, Financial Management, Market Identification, Managerial Issues and Strategies and Policy Framework (Tax, Audit, and Registration). 

At the above mentioned training programs a total of 236 SME entrepreneurs participated; 86 from Polonnaruwa, 90 from Matara and 50 from Nawalapittiya Divisional secretariat, Kandy. These entrepreneurs are engaged different business in the divisional and district level and engaged in self-employment projects including Industrial (Manufacturing: Bricks, Carpentry, Spice products, Tailoring, Construction), Services (Saloon, Garages, Technicians, Black Smith workshop, wholesale & retail trade, pawning center, welding, astrology, Restaurants, homes & car sales, rent a car) and Agriculture (Livestock, Plantation, Horticulture).At the end of the training program Certificates were distributed to the participants.

Small and medium entrepreneurs encounter many challenges such as financial management, access to available services, networking with other institutes, marketing and promoting their products, and skills development with technical improvement. This training program provided a foundation to overcome these barriers. Many entrepreneurs are unsuccessful due to inappropriate management of finance. This is one of the major causes for the failure of businesses in Sri Lanka. Most of the entrepreneurs who participated at the training agreed that the training will add immense value to carry out the business efficiently and effectively. The program targeted business promotion through  financial control, tax management and legal issue. In addition, finding market opportunities and numerous relevant aspects were considered when conducting the training program.

Figure 4 At the  program conducted at Nawalappitiya, Kandy, in particular  the following objectives were achieved by the participants through this training program : Development of skills in Administration, Financial, Market Identification, Process, Managerial Issues, Strategies and Policy Framework (Tax, Audit, and Registration)/Development of a networking with local level  as well as public and private sector service institutions to build capacities of SMEs (Eg: Chamber of Commerce, District and Divisional level SME officers and so on ).Building of  entrepreneurial culture by training, network and private sector engagement. 

Entrepreneurs expressed their gratitude to the NHRDC and District and divisional officers for conducting the SME development training program and requested to conducts similar programs  in future to develop their market, networking and other relevant skills. 

Figure 5 Divisional Secretary Chamila is Distributing Certificates to the participants at the end of program in Nawalapittiya, Kandy on 30 December  2015