Metropolitan leads workplace e-waste recycling initiative of CEA

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Metropolitan Group signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Central Environment Authority becoming the only workplace solutions provider authorised by the CEA to recycle all workplace related electronic waste (e-waste).

Under this programme which is already being implemented by the Metropolitan Group, all items from computers, copiers, printers, cartridges, toners, drums, telephoning units, scanners, paper, fax machines and all other related workplace items are being recycled in partnership with a well reputed and licensed organisation Green Link Pvt. Ltd.

“As a company committed towards the preservation of the environment and as a responsible workplace solutions provider, we are happy to have been recognised by the CEA to lead this initiative in the workplace solutions sector,” Metropolitan Office Ltd. Director Taslim Rahaman said.

Electronic waste is any unused or expired electronic items that over time releases to environment harmful gasses and chemicals built into them in the production of various electronic items. Once released they mainly pollute the air, earth and water ways which in turn would affect humans and animals alike.

Some of these harmful chemicals and gasses will remain in the ground or air for decades and the continuous release of thee dangerous residue will be a serious threat to all.  

“This is a very important milestone in ensuring the protection of the environment because this will be the next biggest threat to our environment in the future. We are pleased that the private sector has come forward voluntarily to support this mammoth task which could not have been done by CEA alone,” CEA Chairman Charitha Herath said at the e-waste launching event held recently.

Consumers can now hand over any workplace waste piling up in their homes and offices. They can get more information on this initiative by dialing the government help line 1919 or contact Metropolitan on 2437797 for assistance.

“In order to ensure that the items are recycled in line with international standards and are not dumped into garbage pits, Metropolitan collects a certificate of recycling from the recycling company, which guarantees that all electronic waste is duly recycled,” Chamintha Thilakarathna, Manager of Metropolitan Group Corporate Communications said.

Metropolitan’s recycling partner, Green Link Pvt. Ltd., is the only United Nations BASL convention approved and CEA licensed recycling company in Sri Lanka.