Mastery of Life training for people of all ages

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As the world we live in becomes increasingly competitive and challenging, we have to acquire many new skills needed to survive and prosper, without sacrificing our health and peace of mind. Even though training programmes are available to address some of the relevant issues, none of them provides simple techniques that anyone can use to achieve their goals and boost their mind, body, energy, health, wealth and youth.

To fill this widespread need, the International Institute of Development Training (IIDT) is launching a new breed of total empowerment programme for people of all ages. Mastery of Life is a synthesis of different techniques covered in training programmes abroad, based on a blend of modern neuroscience and oriental metaphysics.

It provides everything needed to boost physical and mental energy, improve health naturally, create success and wealth, increase self-confidence, improve relationships, get rid of fears and anxieties, change negative beliefs, and eliminate self-imposed barriers and limitations. As the name suggests, the programme provides a complete set of tools to achieve Mastery of Life.

This one-day workshop has integrated many powerful techniques and simplified their use without compromising their effectiveness. The methods presented in Mastery of Life are very powerful, but they take only a few minutes everyday. Anyone can apply them to achieve their personal and career goals and live happily with no stress and health problems. Teenagers and students can use them to excel in their educational activities. Executives, professionals and entrepreneurs will find them useful to boost their performance. Housewives can gain new insights into maintaining family health without drugs. Retired persons can stay active and healthy by doing the effortless physical and mental exercises that are explained in the workshop.

“This programme is a synthesis of numerous techniques I have learnt from empowerment programmes and Masters in Asia, Europe and USA over the past 30 years. They have helped me to excel in everything I have done, get featured in the prestigious ‘Who’s Who in the World’, and win national and international awards in diverse fields such as annual report development, media advertising, brand marketing and filmmaking,” explained Dr. Asoka Jinadasa, who conceived and developed the Mastery of Life programme. “My training in martial arts, NLP and Reiki combined with top management experience, enabled me to develop this programme to respond to the needs of people from all walks of life,” he added.

Master of Life is organised by IIDT, which is the training arm of EML Consultants (Private) Limited. IIDT provides training and capacity building in business management and development, ISO and other standards, governance, environment, natural resource management, sustainable development, and climate change mitigation and adaptation.  

Detailed information on the Mastery of Life programmes can be obtained from or from Dr. Jinadasa on [email protected]