LAUGFS Gas celebrates 14 years of excellence

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Sri Lankan energy conglomerate LAUGFS Gas celebrates 14 years of continued excellence this year. In 2001, when a Government decision was made to liberalise the LPG industry, LAUGFS Gas commenced its operations and soon came to be known as the nation’s only home grown Energy Specialist.BUP_DFT_DFT-4-7

Through its entrance into the industry, LAUGFS was able to spearhead the concept of consumer power of choice, whereby individual energy needs are satisfied. LAUGFS shattered the monopoly that existed in the Sri Lankan LPG industry, allowing the power of choice to be institutionalised. 

Establishing itself as a truly Sri Lankan company, contending against a multinational brand dominating the local market at the time, LAUGFS Gas revolutionised the LPG industry by introducing the yellow 5 kg cylinder, which is the ideal solution for domestic households. The Yellow campaign not only single-handedly introduced the factor of convenience into homes, it also raised the bar for quality by becoming the only SLSI certified cylinder in the country. 

The company was also the first to introduce the Safety Regulator, which not only increased and ensured the safety of LPG usage in households, but emphasised the vitalness of safety in this industry. 

As the nation’s go-to Energy Specialist, LAUGFS offers customised energy solutions through pipeline system designs, energy feasibility studies, consultancies and energy saving tactics for small and large businesses and industries alike. 

LAUGFS, with 14 years of excellence as the Energy Specialist, has been able to achieve tremendous success in a relatively short period of time. Among a copious amount of achievements, LAUGFS is the first ever energy company to be listed in the Colombo Stock Exchange with an IPO in 2010.

Today the company has further strengthened its regional energy presence with the acquisition of one of the largest LPG companies in Bangladesh. Its value chain is further strengthened by LPG vessels owned and operated by LAUGFS Maritime Services, facilitating international LPG logistic services.

As a home grown energy conglomerate that takes pride in its Sri Lankan roots, LAUGFS works with a firm commitment to uplift the lives of communities across Sri Lanka. LAUGFS Gas was the first LPG company to initiate a CSR project in the rural estate and plantation sectors with the aim of elevating the living standards of estate communities through education, awareness and employment opportunities.

LAUGFS celebrated its 14th anniversary with the community at Mabima. These comprised of a series of community initiatives organised by the company, including the distribution of bundle packs that include 5 kg cylinders and accessory packs amongst households around its plant. Furthermore, the company wishes to extend the theme of communal unity in the Mabima area by organising a health camp in November, offering free medical examinations, aid, seminars on health and lifestyle as well as supplying pharmaceutical supplements to underprivileged families.

Commenting on this important occasion, LAUGFS Gas PLC Chief Executive Officer Ashan De Silva noted, “Over the past 14 years, LAUGFS has built a brand that has not only defined an industry but has become a household name synonymous with safety, care and trust. We are indeed proud to be a part of homes and families that keep this nation thriving, and at this juncture of our journey wish to acknowledge all our customers, suppliers and partners who have placed confidence in a local brand that is gradually gaining multinational recognition.”