LAUGFS Gas celebrates 11 years of success

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Eleven years ago when LAUGFS Gas entered the domestic LPG market, some called it courage while others called it insanity, but today Sri Lankan consumers and business establishments laud LAUGFS Gas for its initiative and commitment to afford them the “power of choice”. This has given Sri Lankans a competitive offering, better service and consistency.

A decade ago LAUGFS Gas, a miniscule organisation with a poor balance sheet summoned the passion, courage and entrepreneurial skills to take on the multinational Giant Shell Gas Lanka which had held sway for a five-year long monopolistic reign in the Sri Lankan LPG market. Two men stood supreme here: W.K.H. Wegapitiya and alongside him Thilak De Silva. How the story unfolded, epitomising the tale ‘David and the Goliath’ is no secret.

Today, LAUGFS Gas is a public quoted company and a force to be reckoned with in the LPG market. With 30% of the market share, an island wide network, state-of-the-art gas plant and a superior management team and workforce, it is making steady strides in enhancing the Sri Lankan LPG industry.

LAUGFS Gas PLC Chief Operating Officer Murad Rahimdeen commenting on the LPG industry and the company’s visions for the future said: “Today apart from domestic households LPG is largely consumed by the hotel industry and the ceramic industry. We have noted the authoritative reports that household penetration for LPG gas is 28%. Besides there is much scope in the industrial usage of LPG which needs to be exploited as LPG has one of the lowest carbon foot prints in comparison to most fossil fuels and remains price competitive against certain alternative fossil fuels subsidised by the Government.”

“We are what we are due to the love and passion for the product and the industry; this business did not pursue us; but we pursed this business. Hence our pledge is to develop our industry cum business in a consumer friendly, effective and sustainable manner. We are a ‘one stop shop’ or a total solution provider, where we provide engineering solutions for all industrial installations, in-house maintenance, training, research and development,” Rahimdeen added.

He said LAUGFS Gas’ dedication to the development and sustainment of the industry is further revealed by its investments in the state-of-the art fleet of vehicles to ensure uninterrupted service quality, as well as the expansion of storage, bunkering and bottling facilities.  

LAUGFS Gas’ contribution to the industry as an evolving local company has been acknowledged by many local and international rating agencies. LAUGFS Gas has also been recognised for its entrepreneurial achievements, superior marketing, service, quality and safety.

Undoubtedly a success story of impressive dimension, yet what becomes more important now, is a Sri Lankan is given the ‘power of choice’ to make the home flames burn stronger and longer. The success of LAUGFS Gas so far deserves a sincere tribute from the country to the entrepreneurial courage of the founders of LAUGFS Gas, Rahimdeen said.