LAUGFS Eco Sri gets ISO 9001

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Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLSI), the national standard body in the country, awarded ISO 9001-2008 certificate to LAUGSF Eco Sri Private Limited, a subsidiary of the LAUGFS Gas PLC, one of the dynamic public quoted energy company in Sri Lanka.

Chairman of the SLSI, Kanchana Ratwatte, presenting the certificate to Chairman of LAUGFS Gas PLC , W.K. H. Wegapitiya said that ‘LAUGFS’ has always been a Company that was seen determined to provide good quality service to the public.

“LAUGFS Eco Sri Limited had gone through the ISO standard process and now deserves to have the certification”, he said.

 Chairman of LAUGFS Gas PLC, W.K.H Wegapitiya, addressing the ceremony said that when LAUGFS commenced its business in 1995 it had a vision in providing best quality service at all times.

“When we began our operations in 1995, introducing LPG as an alternative fuel for motor vehicles, we had one uncompromising factor in our mind; that is to provide best quality service to our stakeholders. Accordingly, from the beginning, we benchmarked our standards with the international standards. Therefore, we have been awarded with the ISO certification for our conversions process which I see as a great achievement”, he said.

 Chairman LAUGFS Gas PLC ,also said that the Company never used the ISO certificate as a marketing tool to attract customers.

“We always believe that providing quality service consistently would help us grow.

The core principle is that we have to maintain quality standards to every stakeholder. For that we always insisted that we must get SLSI standards certificates where it is possible”, he said.

“At present LAUGFS Eco Sri Limited  has over 80 vehicle emission testing centres across the country and receiving  of the ISO certification would  further enhance the company’s commitment  in providing high quality service to its stake holders.” company said in a statement