Labugama and Kalatuwawa water treatment plant renovation in full gear

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Efforts by Access Engineering PLC to rehabilitate the Labugama and Kalatuwawa water treatment plants – two water supply schemes that account for 15-18% of the water requirement of Colombo and the suburbs – are progressing swiftly. The Labuagama and Kalatuwawa treatment plants were constructed by the British in 1886 and 1957 in close proximity to each other. The designed capacity of Labugama (WTP) which was 60,000 m3/day and Kalatuwawa (WTP) which was 90,000 m3/day have been reduced by 30% due to the severe deterioration that has occurred over the years. The project which is being executed by the National Water Supply and Drainage Board is funded through a tied aid loan from Hungary. Access Engineering PLC, together with Fevarosi Vizumvek of Hungary, seeks to complete the project within 36 months. As the water treatment plants are in operation while the renovation work is in progress, Access Engineering is making every effort to complete the work while ensuring minimum interruptions to the supply of water to Colombo. The long-awaited work will proceed under the three stages of design, construction and assistance in operations and maintenance. The scope of the work includes the renovation and replacement of existing filters and clarifiers, intake well improvements, modification of aerators and other process structures, design, supply and installation of all M&E equipment, reconstruction and renovation of existing buildings, internal roads and site work etc. “We are pleased to be involved in this important Rehabilitation project as these time-worn treatment plants constructed by the British still afford a considerable portion of the water supply to Colombo,” said Labuagama and Kalatuwawa Water Treatment Plant Rehab-ilitation Project Manager Dhanushka Munasinghe.