Kelani Cables, Browns Batteries sign MoU to manufacture jumper cables

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A Memorandum of understanding (MOU) was signed between Sri Lanka’s number one cable manufacturer Kelani Cables PLC and Brown and Company, which markets Sri Lanka’s No. 1 automotive battery Exide, recently in Colombo.

The MOU was signed by Kelani Cables PLC CEO Mahinda Saranapala and the Brown and Company agriculture, battery, porcelain and new business Senior Vice President Panduka Weerasingha to manufacture international standard jumper cables under BG brand, currently manufactured by Kelani Cables.

Kelani Cables introduced an international standard jumper cable to their product portfolio recently, making it as the best jumper cable in Sri Lanka. The cable is manufactured using pure copper from the best copper mines in the world and due to the quality of the raw materials used the correct Amperage is transferred without damaging the battery and does not effect on the lifetime of the battery.

During the ceremony Saranapala stated: “We signed the MOU with the best battery brand of Sri Lanka which is Exide from Browns. Brown and Company is a diversified group of company with well recognised brands in the world/country prove that the jumper cable we manufacture is in the best of quality like the other products manufactured by us.  “Our R&D department carried out many researches and found out that most of the jumper cables in the market do not meet at least the minimum standards has a vacuum for a quality product and this was one of our major reasons to come up with this jumper cable. When the jumper cable is not compatible enough to transform the required amperage from one battery to another the end result is being damaging both batteries. Considering the fact we managed to manufacture a jumper cable using the best available copper which will facilitate a smooth transfer of electricity between two batteries.” After signing the agreement, Weerasingha speaking to the media said: “Exide as the Sri Lanka’s No.1 automotive battery with the highest standards, we were planning on introducing a jumper cable under BG brand portfolio which is now considered as a part of a battery. After many discussions, we selected Kelani Cables to be our partner in manufacturing the jumper cable simply because of the quality of the products they manufacture and the high standards they maintain all the time. We see this MoU as a juncture to provide the best to our clients who have been with us for generations.”

Kelani Cables Brand Development Manager Channa Jayasinghe said: “The MOU signed between the two companies is a significant landmark in Sri Lanka because the two parties involved in this are the giants in their respective areas of business, Kelani Cables for electrical cables and Exide for automotive batteries.

It is very important that widely used auto gear vehicles to carry a good quality jumper cable in case of emergencies.

“If any vehicle faces with the dead battery situation what we do is ask help from a nearby vehicle. But most of the drivers hesitate to assist due to the low quality jumper cables available in the market that will damage both batteries.

This partnership to manufacture and distribute high quality jumper cables under the brand name ‘BG’ by giants in the Sri Lankan cable and battery is to fulfil a vacuum in the market and to direct Sri Lankan vehicle owners to have one of world’s best quality jumper cables in their vehicles.”

Kelani Cables PLC Sales General Manager Anil Munasinghe, Exide Deputy General Manager Ajitha Gunasinghe and Exide Brand Manager Asanthi Kodituwakku worked tirelessly in coordinating this important business venture.