Hayleys Group completes Rs. 5.5 m road construction project

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200 villagers of Hunnasgiriya benefited Hunas Falls Hotels PLC, a subsidiary of Hayleys Group recently announced its completion of another infrastructure development project that immensely benefited the residents of Hunnasgiriya. As a part of its commitment to corporate social responsibility as well as being a conglomerate that adds value to the community, Hayleys embarked on this project to develop the public road that connects the Elkaduwa – Wattegama main road to the Hunnasgiriya Tea Estate. The road which is 3 kilometres in length had fallen into a severe state of disrepair when Hayleys took up the initiative to reconstruct the road at a cost of Rs. 5.5 million and hand it over to the public. More than 200 families live in the vicinity of the Hunnasgiriya Tea Estate. The project has been met with great enthusiasm by the members of the community who have been greatly inconvenienced by the poor road conditions. The completion of this road has now provided the villagers with speedy access to the main road which back in the day took at least a good half an hour drive which now can be made in less than 10 minutes. Considering the road is uphill and slippery due to the weather patterns in the area, many villagers faced distress travelling back and forth on this road with muddy water puddles and damages to their vehicles which resulted in a costly affair for a low income community. At present, a privately owned bus service has also been made available for the benefit of the villagers. In addition to the road development project, Hunas Falls PLC has contributed to the Hunnasgiriya community in many ways. Projects that are focused on uplifting the standards of the community lifestyle and empower people via better education facilities and through other methods have made a positive impact on the lives of the people in the area. As a socially responsible organisation that has been in operation since 1878, Hayleys places a great emphasis on activities that focus on sustainability and their CSR projects specifically cater to the community, environment, customers, suppliers and employees. Hayleys takes pride in being an organisation that empowers the community while being socially responsible and taking an eco friendly approach towards its operations.