Govt. urged to take necessary actions to register direct sales marketing firms

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Currently in Sri Lanka, there are so many critics about Direct Sales Marketing and Network Marketing. Because of this, there are conflicts between people. Are these Direct Sales Marketing companies genuine? Can we believe and travel in this field? Anyways, the people who are already involved have started to think they have been misguided. These types of companies are there in India. 

They also faced a similar situation. Direct selling marketing is not regularised in India unlike other developing countries and this has been a challenge for these companies as well as the consumers, often these companies have come under the scrutiny of chit fund and money circulation act. But these Direct Sales Marketing Companies are not bound under any of the guidelines and algorithms of the Government. So the customers do not have any chance to re-appeal for their shortcomings.To avoid these problems, the Indian government has taken some actions. 

Although the Indian government has given the guidelines to these companies, they are going to join hands with the state governments in future. Already the Direct Market Retail companies are engaging in e-commerce. These guidelines are helping them to regulate it correctly. The Indian Consumer Affairs Authority has already sent some advises to the state governments.

In developed countries, these business structures are legalised so the people are enjoying more benefits.Recently Indian Consumer Affairs AuthoritySecretaryHem Pande said that he is going to discuss and find thesolution with the people from the respective industry torestrict and regulate the Direct Sales Marketing companies. In doing so, they can also develop the industry.

If the Sri Lankan Government or the Consumer Affairs Authority consider and take necessary action to register the genuine companies;in doing so, they can prevent the people from fake companies and build trust in the people about the industry.Don’t you think so?