Global Resources International launches Smart Switch

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Smart Switch, the latest venture by Global Resources International Ltd (GRIP) was launched at Park Street Mews on 3 June 2014 amidst a distinguished gathering. A bulb holder that could be switched on and off with any universal remote control, this unique product is the first of its kind to be 100% manufactured and marketed in Sri Lanka. Developed by the Global Resources International team under the leadership of GRIP Technical Engineer Shiranka De Silva, the Smart Switch is the ideal replacement for the household bulb-holders that are currently used island-wide and operated with the aid of a switch panel that requires to be switched on and off by reaching for it. Able to fit any bulb be it CFL, LED or tungsten, the Smart Switch holder could be easily fixed to replace any holder and could also be used with any household electronic appliance that requires an energy level of up to 300 watts. Featuring a distinctive design, the holder’s sensor is designed to sync with the infrared, emitted by universal remotes. Smart Switch can be used with any household remote at hand to switch the bulb on/off. The convenience presented through this is the defining aspect of the Smart Switch as one would be able to switch on/off any bulb within a 10 metre radius, as long as there are no obstacles jamming the wavelengths, from the comfort of your chair, bed or current position without moving. Operating the Smart Switch is very easy as all that the user has to do is to point the remote control by leveling it to the bulb holder and press any button in the remote control. Safety factor Besides the convenience associated with this innovative creation, the safety factor is the other added benefit where the user will be safe from any electrical shocks as there is no direct contact with a switch. As such it can be operated by kids and adults alike, regardless of your height and other complaints. The Smart Switch would prove especially beneficial for those who are disabled or elderly, making the Smart Switch also a perfect gift for a household. Further, the Smart Switch comes with a one year comprehensive warranty as well. “With the Smart Switch one can also cut down on the electricity wastage due to laziness,” said GRIP Technical Engineer Shiranka De Silva. “Further it should be noted that you can, from the inside of your house, conveniently switch a bulb that is located outside in case of an emergency. One can also use a remote from inside of one’s car when reaching the gate to switch ON the gate lights or vise-versa.”               The brand ambassadors for Smart Switch are iconic actresses Iranganie Serasinghe and Gayathri Dias who were chosen for their influence and ability to convey the significance of this pioneering Sri Lankan product to all generations living in the country. Smart Switch is now marketed at an affordable and reasonable price and will be available throughout the Island.   The journey to invent the Smart Switch first began in 2012 and after much consumer research including one-year of test runs for product enhancement, GRIP was able to provide one-of-a-kind product to the local market and to consumers who value convenience, quality and safety in any product.   “Many inquire about the loss of electricity due to the sensor in the Smart Switch but the loss of electricity even when it is on standby is so minimal that it is negligible,” affirmed De Silva, quelling any concerns a potential customer would have regarding the electricity wastage due to the sensor in the holder.