Etisalat partners ALFEA to help migrant workers stay in touch

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The Association of Licensed Foreign Employment Agencies (ALFEA) have forged a partnership with Etisalat to provide special mobile phone packages to Sri Lankan Migrant workers leaving to work in Foreign Countries. To help Sri Lankan workers, employed in foreign countries, stay in touch with their loved ones back home; Etisalat will be offering them significantly lower IDD rates than the market average, including the absolute lowest rate for Middle Eastern countries along with Japan, Cyprus and Korea. A migrant worker could avail themselves of this special package when they make their travel arrangements through the registered agencies within the ALFEA group. They will also receive a SIM free of charge with the package rates already activated.

ALFEA is an association of a vast number agencies that provide foreign employment opportunities to Sri Lankans, in a legal and responsible manner. The Association’s goals are to ensure that foreign employment is conducted with the highest of ethical standards, that the rights of migrant workers are preserved and to prevent conflict within the stakeholder groups.

Their operations are essential in a country like Sri Lanka who sees so much of its labour leave for foreign shores in search for employment, and has a myriad of agencies offering foreign employment, within which ALFEA acts a meta body overseeing their practices.

With regard to the package that Etisalat is offering Foreign Employees, the President of ALFEA, W.M.P. Aponso commended the initiative saying, “Ultimately, ALFEA’s goal is to make foreign employment as rewarding and seamless as possible.

The package that Etisalat is offering is another way in which the needs of foreign workers are being aided, the need to stay in touch with their loved ones back home.” Commenting on the Union, Etisalat CEO, Dumindra Ratnayaka said, “As an international company operating in a country that has a significant segment of its labour force working overseas, we understand the importance of supporting Sri Lankan migrant workers in an increasingly globalised world. The work that ALFEA does in ensuring that the Sri Lanka’s foreign employees’ rights are protected and in resolving disputes between stakeholders is admirable.

We are proud to partner with them to bring these discounted services to our migrant workers.”

Etisalat’s union with ALFEA is unique as they are the only Telecommunications provider in Sri Lanka to be currently offering these discounted rates to migrant workers. Etisalat is offering this package only through the ALFEA associated agencies.