Durdans offers all-encompassing Preventive Health Packages

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Durdans Hospital, the first Joint Commission International (JCI) approved hospital in Sri Lanka, currently offers several, all-encompassing Preventive Health Packages, which have been conceived specifically for busy executives and ordinary citizens alike, to empower them with the advantage of excellent health.

In fact, these recently-deployed, state-of-the-art Health Checks by Durdans Hospital offer the most complete alternative for health screening and physical examination, while also having the capacity to be customised for any requirement. Today, Preventive Healthcare is seen as a vital part of staying healthy, yet many do not take advantage of the untold benefits of regular health checks. Widely considered essential to the holistic application of healthcare, regular and periodic health checks can ultimately help to reduce the risk of serious illness and bring about peace of mind.

Most popular amongst Durdans Hospital’s newly introduced Preventive Health Packages is its Comprehensive Health Check, which is a full and highly extensive test that benchmarks its results against several key healthcare indicators. Additionally, this extensive screening is the best option to act as an early warning for future health problems, from Diabetes and Heart Disease to even Thyroid Imbalances and Osteoporosis.  

Importantly, the Comprehensive Health Check offers access to state-of-the-art technology and equipment that enables many, potentially life threatening health issues to be noticed early on. For example, the technology that Durdans Hospital utilises in evaluating Osteoporosis and related conditions is the Hologic Horizon W Dexa Scanner, which delivers ultra high resolution images via 128 detector channels, the first time ever that this next generation med-tech has been deployed in South East Asia. 

Additionally, Durdans Hospital also offers Executive, Regular and Basic Health Check options. Scaled down versions of the full health check option, these alternatives still provide many of the key screenings vital to maintaining continued good health, including a full blood count and a fasting blood sugar test, a lipid profile, as well as tests related to kidney functions and stools, a chest x-ray, a Electrocardiogram (ECG), all of which is offered as part of the Basic Health Check.