Dr. Harsha reacts to hike in LPG price

Tuesday, 8 January 2013 00:00 -     - {{hitsCtrl.values.hits}}

United National Party (UNP) Minister of Parliament Dr. Harsha de Silva, issued the following statement with regard to the hike in LPG prices over the weekend.

“While it is acknowledged that the use of the pricing formula is better than pure political adjustment of prices for LP gas, the UNP notes with distaste the Government’s attempt to use the formula to serve its political ends.

“In March last year, the LPG price was increased by Rs. 350 per cylinder, even though global prices were declining. Perhaps, the main reason would have been the dramatic fall in the value of the Rupee, due to the absolute bungling of the exchange rate management by the politicised central bank. 

“However, even though global prices had begun to increase the Government reduced the price of a cylinder by Rs. 150 in July. Strange as it seemed the reason had to be the provincial council elections that were round the corner.

“Now, even though global prices have been falling again, and the Rupee strengthening, prices have been increased. In the background of unbearable price increases across the board including at super markets that are patronised mainly by the middle class the Government must be at least a little bit concerned about how people are going to make ends meet. 

“A country that has enough money to send a man to space in her own satellite in seven years surely has a little money to offer some relief to her people,” he concluded.