Delmege introduces SilverDYNE nano technology water purifier

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Water pollution has been identified globally as a leading worldwide cause of sickness and even death. Throughout the world, almost 500 million people lack of access to safe drinking water. In Sri Lanka too, polluted water poses a risk of infection and disease. Scientific evidence suggests that domestic boiling water alone is no longer effective in removing its harmful contents. Water borne diseases can be deadly and can easily affect quality of life of the children and other members of the family. SilverDYNE, a totally natural and innovative water purifier manufactured in USA using innovative nano technology, has been launched by Delmege Healthcare. “SilverDYNE is a simple yet powerful water purifier that ensures that all waterborne bacteria and virus are eliminated in just 30 minutes when just one drop is added to two litres of water,” said T. Sayandhan, CEO of Delmege Healthcare Cluster. SilverDYNE has been approved and certified by the FDA (US Food and Drug Authority), World Health Organization, Medical Research Institute of Sri Lanka and Industrial Technology Institute of Sri Lanka. “This revolutionized and innovative nano technological water purifier consists of 0.36% Colloidal Silver suspension and with 99.74% Double distilled water base solution. It is non-toxic, non-chemical, odourless, tasteless, eco-friendly and yet it does purify 100% of our day to day requirement of drinking water, making it convenient and easy to use,” added Sayandhan, “It is economically priced at Rs. 690 for a 15ml bottle (at a cost of 0.57cts per litre of water).” SilverDYNE can effectively kill disease causing bacteria such as E.coli, Legionella, Salomenella, Cholera, Aspergillus niger, Staphlococcus auerus and Trichphyton mentagrophytes. “It is a safe and easy to use water purifier for every requirement in the household – from purifying water to drink, washing vegetables and fruits, washing utensils and even for the final rinse in a baby’s bath. SilverDYNE is quite effective to use to clean the teething toys and other toys babies play with and can be added to the baby’s bath for a final, germ-free rinse,” he said. SilverDYNE has been approved by the Ministry of Health and is extremely safe and easy to use, making it one of the best water purification solutions available in the market, he added. SilverDYNE can also help to extend the shelf-life of fruits and vegetables when washed or sprayed direct into the fruits or to the vegetables. “Washing fruits and vegetables in water to which SilverDYNE has been added will ensure that they are completely clean and safe for consumption.” SilverDYNE is lethal to bacteria and other germs but completely harmless to humans, animals and the environment, Sayandhan confirmed. “It is totally natural and contains no chemicals or harmful ingredients.” Throughout the world, SilverDYNE has been used extensively in disaster stricken areas to ensure clean drinking water. When used, SilverDYNE will not alter the composition of the water, does not contaminate the environment. SilverDYNE is now available in selected pharmacies and can also be purchased from Delmege Healthcare office at 101, Vinayalakara Mawatha (off Darley Road) Colombo 10 or call the hotline 0777527111 or 0112686838.