Daily FT columnist responds to SriLankan Airlines

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With reference to SriLankan Airlines clarification published on Wednesday over the Guest Column appearing in the Daily FT issue of 1 December titled ‘Downsising, rightsising SriLankan Airlines’ by Sarath de Alwis, the columnist has sent the following statement.

SriLankan’s response that my observation “… ‘more tangible information failed because the General Manager of Corporate Communications of SriLankan Airlines could not be accessed,’ is inaccurate” is not only inaccurate but a contrived suggestion of a falsehood. I received the following mail from SriLankan on a Sunday. I replied the same Sunday. 

Quote: “I apologise for the delay in getting across the information that you have requested. In fact, we tried contacting you last Friday, but could not reach you. 

Kay Scholer were the lawyers who advised SriLankan on this transaction and they received the award on behalf of SriLankan. 

Responses for your other query will be sent soon.” Unquote. 

I responded, quote: “Thank you. I finished one article. I made no reference to the award which is in fact an important triviality.”  Unquote

 I will not be unkind in asserting that the General Manager Corporate Communications of the National Carrier is incapable of appreciating the implicit humour/satire in the phrase important triviality. 

This response reminds me of the story of Bob calling to get information about Frank from a third party. Bob ends up  calling Frank himself.

“Do you know Frank?” “Yes, I know him extremely well.” “Is Frank punctual?” “Well, to tell the truth, I myself don’t always show up on time.  But whenever I am there Frank is there!”

The electronic records of the mails in sequential order are available.