Ceylinco Life extends ‘Family Savari’ to China as grand 5th edition kicks off

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The ‘Forbidden City’ and the Great Wall, two icons of Beijing, China, will welcome policyholders of Ceylinco Life next year, as the life insurance leader’s annual ‘Family Savari’ promotion grows in scale and generosity and conquers new horizons.

The fifth edition of this hugely successful community interaction will see the addition of a new category of super grade winners -- 60 people from 15 policyholder families -- who will win an all-expenses paid holiday in Beijing, the company announced this week.

As in previous years, 200 others representing 50 policyholder families, will win a holiday in Singapore, while 2,000 others from 500 policyholder families will get to spend a day at the Leisure World theme park with transport and meals, courtesy of Ceylinco Life.

 “The sheer scale of the undertaking and the commitment and generosity implicit in the nature of the Family Savari event has always set it apart from other mega promotions in Sri Lanka,” Ceylinco Life’s Managing Director R. Renganathan said.

“The event grows each year, just as Ceylinco Life continues to grow and retain its leadership of the market.”

Draws for ‘Family Savari 5’ will take place monthly as well as at the culmination of the eligibility period and will be structured to ensure that winners will be selected from every area covered by Ceylinco Life’s 184 branches, with each branch producing between two and five winning families, the company said.

The promotion runs from July to December 2011, during which all active long term Ceylinco Life policyholders as well as holders of Ceylinco Retirement Accounts (CRAs) can earn multiple winning chances up to a maximum of 10, at these draws.

In January 2012, the full list of 2,260 winners will be finalized for the three ‘savaris’ to China, Singapore and Leisure World, which are expected to take place between March and May 2012.

Ceylinco Life’s Family Savari promotion is intended to generate greater awareness of and interest in life insurance in market segments as yet unprotected through insurance, reward existing policyholders for keeping their policies active and to provide an incentive to others to revive and maintain their policies.

Existing policyholders and new policyholders who purchase life insurance between 1st July and 31st December, 2011 with a total minimum monthly premium of Rs. 4000 as well as persons who have a minimum balance of Rs 500,000 as at 31st December 2011 in their Ceylinco Retirement Accounts will be eligible to win a China tour.

 Those who have multiples of Rs 500,000 in their CRAs will have up to 10 winning chances.

Existing policyholders and new policyholders who purchase life insurance between 1st July and 31st December, 2011 with a minimum monthly premium of Rs. 1000 and CRA accountholders with a minimum balance of Rs 250,000 will have a chance to participate in the Singapore tour.

Policyholders with less than Rs. 1000 monthly premium or CRA account holders with a minimum balance of Rs. 250,000 will be eligible to win visits to Leisure World.

Those who have multiples of Rs 250,000 in their CRAs can earn up to 10 winning chances in this category.

A winning family would include the policyholder, his or her spouse and two children. An unmarried policyholder may nominate his or her parents.

Since 2007, Ceylinco Life has rewarded more than 9,000 policyholders and their loved ones with the Family Savari experience, including luxury ocean cruises and holidays in Singapore, helicopter rides, visits to Leisure World and camping adventures.

Ceylinco Life has more than 750,000 lives covered by active policies and has been the market leader in Sri Lanka’s long term insurance sector for the past seven years.

The company is acknowledged as the benchmark for innovation in the local insurance industry for its work in product research and development, customer service and professional development.