Ceylinco Insurance combines hearts and minds of Sri Lankans with ‘In Sri Lanka We Believe’

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As Sri Lanka celebrates the second anniversary of defeating terrorism and the dawning of a new era of peace and prosperity, Ceylinco Insurance has initiated a new concept: ‘In Sri Lanka We Believe’.

A concept that captures the sentiments of all Sri Lankans in witnessing a fresh beginning for the nation, ‘In Sri Lanka We Believe’ reiterates the full potential of Sri Lanka.

Committed to being a catalyst for growth in the insurance industry, Ceylinco Insurance has always maintained a steady role of innovation and leadership. As Sri Lanka embarks on an ambitious plan to become the ‘Wonder of Asia’ within the next few years, Ceylinco Insurance firmly believes that the corporate sector must play a vital role in resurging of the economy.

“I consider it more than appropriate to express our heartfelt gratitude to the President and the Government of Sri Lanka for ensuring that Sri Lanka finally has peace and stability and an environment conducive for business, which augurs well for the future,” said Ajith Gunawardena, Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, commenting on ‘In Sri Lanka We Believe’.

The Sustainability Report of Ceylinco Insurance refers to 2009 as the year of Sri Lanka’s second independence, and with good reason too. The war in which thousands of Sri Lankans perished, devastated the economy and sapped our social will and created a de facto separation of our country had decisively ended. Under a Government of stability, Sri Lankans from south to the north and east have been able to rejoice in the new found sense of freedom and peace.

A dynamic economy, free from the shackles of a 30-year-old conflict, is ready to bounce back with a newly-found sense of vigour. Key sectors such as finance, insurance, tourism and leisure, investment, shipping and aviation, are today experiencing the kind of surge previously unseen.

The stock market has witnessed an unprecedented boom that has firmly established it as one of the best performing. President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his Government have ensured political stability, long lasting peace, providing a rich dividend of optimism for the entire country.

Since 2009, Sri Lanka’s status as a growth hub has grown with tremendous potential. In this scenario, Ceylinco Insurance General is confident of a future of outstanding growth and stability. Having emerged the clear leader with a vision in the Sri Lankan insurance industry, the company is set to take on new opportunities in a landscape of outstanding corporate success.

New markets in the north and the east have opened up, taking the concept of VIP On the Spot insurance to the people there, enabling them to experience unparalleled service, delivered with a customer commitment unseen before.

Ceylinco Insurance General, a truly Sri Lankan company, with roots planted deep within the Sri Lankan soil, is confident that today, as we celebrate two years of peace and harmony among all ethnic groups in our country, as a nation Sri Lanka stands on the threshold of a fresh beginning. This is, undoubtedly, a new era that will see a resurgence of the national spirit, one that makes everyone proud to be a Sri Lankan, ready to take on the challenges of a competitive global market place.

Chairman of Ceylinco Insurance Godwin Perera is confident that ‘In Sri Lanka We Believe’ will embody all things Sri Lankan, infusing economic development and progress with a promise of a world class Sri Lankan identity. Time has indeed come for Sri Lanka to take its place in a region experiencing tremendous economic expansion.

Perera together with Gunewardena, the Board, the Management and the staff of Ceylinco Insurance General stand ready to flag off ‘In Sri Lanka We Believe,’ delivering a new sense of optimism to all Sri Lankans.