BOC pioneers Sri Lanka’s first-ever specialised student debit card

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The Bank of Ceylon has teamed up with the International Student Identity Card (ISIC) and MasterCard Worldwide to introduce an innovative and unique specialised student debit card. 

The new program marries the world famous ISIC card and MasterCard payment functions to bring unrivalled benefits to students. ISIC is able to offer a student identification service globally as the only internationally recognised identity card for students and with MasterCard’s debit payment functionality through its global network, this union offers students access to their savings account, enables them to make cash withdrawals at ATMs, and can be used across the world.

The ISIC cobranded debit MasterCard offers students the following benefits:

It serves as a globally recognised student identity card giving students access to a wide array of benefits world-wide such as discounts on Euro Rail passes and entry into prestigious museums.

The card also gives the student access to benefits and discounts at relevant merchants within Sri Lanka such as Vijitha Yapa, Barista, DSI, Speed Drome, Cool Planet, and over 50 more. One of the biggest benefits includes student discounted air tickets through STA Travel.

In addition to the above, the same card can be used to make payments world-wide on the MasterCard network.

“It’s great to have a photo identity debit card and get all these different benefits as well. What’s more it teaches me how to manage and save my money,” stated Shehan Gomez, a student at Royal College.

“The ISIC BOC Debit Card is really helpful as I am a Management and IT student. Overall, it’s a new and different concept – and most importantly it’s a debit card and not a credit card,” stated Amna Tariq, a student at the International College of Business & Technology (ICBT).

“I managed to get 50% off my registration fee at ACBT!” stated Sudeepa Weerasekera.

From a benefit merchant point of view, ISIC’s partnership with BOC gives them wider leverage into the student market. “ISIC was a good thing for us… ISIC partnering with BOC and MasterCard is even greater,” said Shane Joachim, Director, Yamaha Music Centre.

Students can apply for their student debit card at any BOC outlet or from the ISIC office. The fee is Rs. 1,000 for a validity period of two years. If after two years, the student is still continuing with his studies, then the card can be renewed on the same basis.