Bajaj rolls out new three wheeler

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The Bajaj three-wheeler, a familiar sight on the roads of Sri Lanka and the number one vehicle in the three-wheeler market is being re-launched with revolutionary upgrades and changes to fulfil the aspirations of customers. The new Bajaj RE Three Wheeler boasts of several world-class features. Foremost among these is its Twin-Spark engine. This Twin-Spark engine gives the Bajaj RE Three Wheeler unmatched power and pickup, allowing the vehicle to zoom ahead of the traffic, leaving the rest behind. With this new vehicle, drivers will be able to make more trips in the same time, and carry heavier loads too. This low-maintenance engine also burns fuel more efficiently, thereby giving more mileage and reducing fuel costs. This also leads to less maintenance of the engine. There’s a lot more new and improved features in the new Bajaj RE Three Wheeler. The modern, easy-to-use, high-tech hydraulic brake system makes it so easy to operate, improving safety during driving. The new twin headlight system gives a brighter, broader light beam which travels further, improving visibility at night and making night driving so much easier and safer. The additional leg space in front also makes driving so much easier and the comfortable seat reduces fatigue during long trips. The improved finish of the spacious backseat offers passengers a high degree of comfort during the ride. In addition to these, the improved large clutch plate increases durability, making it unnecessary for frequent clutch changes. Complete with all these upgrades and new features, the Bajaj RE Three Wheeler with its ultra modern DTS-i and Exhaus-TEC technology can travel further with more power, more durability, more mileage, more safety and more comfort. The new Bajaj RE Three Wheeler, with its attractive and superior design and improved features, is now in the forefront as today’s No. 1 family vehicle.