Abans unveils versatile Bamix

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Sri Lankan housewives once again have the opportunity of a small but very effective and versatile helper in their kitchen, thanks to Abans. The Bamix is back from Switzerland to lighten work in the kitchen more efficiently than all other blenders, grinders, liquidisers, beaters, mincers and choppers put together. The appliance offers a combination of power, versatility and durability and has been proven and tested for over 60 years. This Swiss-made electric immersion blender quickly chops, purees, beats, mixes, blends, stirs and emulsifies in the deepest pots and bowls with the greatest of ease. It has an ergonomic design that fits comfortably in the hand while its two-speed motor is quiet and vibration-free. The Bamix now comes in four different models; Mono M140, De Luxe M180, Gastro 200 and Gastro 350. Its small and compact size (weighs only 850 grams) saves space in the kitchen and makes it convenient at hand whenever it is required. Changing the accessories is a very simple process and cleaning is as simple as just holding it under running water. The Bamix is a must for health conscious people and especially those with high cholesterol levels. It chops up vegetables and ingredients with the mincer as finely needed for a vegetable soup full of vitamins. The beater can be used to make a light diet topping cream from skimmed milk. The half-frozen skimmed milk can be transformed to a stiff cream which is just the thing for light puddings, while the liquidizer effortlessly makes delicious fruit juices and milkshakes in a matter of seconds. The Bamix comes with various innovative accessories. The meat and vegetable chopper is the ideal complement to other attachments. It cuts, chops and minces meat and fish (raw or cooked) and vegetables with coarse fibres. The dry grinder is a welcome addition. It can be used not only to grind coffee, but also cinnamon, nutmeg and chillies and to chop herbs, grate cheese and breadcrumbs and powder sugar from sugar cubes. The attachments are all sturdy and made of stainless steel. The innovative Bamix comes handy when planning a cocktail party. Cocktails and shakes can be mixed in seconds. It is also great for preparing fruit juices and serving them with crushed ice. First-class workmanship makes Bamix a problem-free and long-lasting aid in the kitchen. All attachments, drive shaft and the cutter guard are entirely dish washable. The Bamix is available at all Abans Elite Showrooms islandwide.