Abans unveils highest energy saving LG airconditioner

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LG’s innovation never stops. Now LG’s advanced research and technology has combined the energy-saving features of the Inverter Technology and the low wattage requirement of the Low Watt AC to bring you the LG Low Watt Inverter Air Conditioner which saves up to an incredible 60% of energy cost.

The LG Low Watt Inverter Air Conditioner has the highest EER of 14.5 BTU/h, which is the ratio of the average rate of space cooling delivered to the average rate of electrical energy consumed by the air conditioner.  This means that the higher the EER, the higher the energy saving effect. Certain air conditioners claim up to 60% energy saving, but if you check the EER it is much lower. According to Australian magazine “Choice” LG air Conditioners are the best with the highest EER. This is important, because with the present high energy cost, consumers are looking for the best energy saving air conditioner.

The Low Wattage consumption in LG’s innovative new air conditioner is combined with LG’s already successful Health + Series which is the perfect healthcare solution. It provides the perfect choice for health and comfort with a highly efficient filtration system that protects health and gives maximum cooling comfort.

An innovative Triple Filter consists of 3 different organic compounds which help to eliminate discomfort of eye and throat. It also removes ordinary odours that cause migraine and common fatigue. A Formaldehyde Filter cuts off formaldehyde, a leading cause of new house syndrome and prevents dermatitis, vomiting and pneumonia. The VOC Filter removes odour and hazardous volatile organic chemicals that are discharged from household materials made with chemical substances (carpets, paint, cleaners, furniture etc) that cause discomfort, eye and throat disease. The nano-size Carbon Filter removes fine odour particles at home and creates a more clean and pleasant environment. The filter can be easily removed and washed and cleaned.

The special Plasma Filter sterilises in-take air and creates a clean and pure indoor environment. LG Health Plus’s BAF Certified Allergy Care Filter decomposes allergen protons and provides clean air. It also has a N1H1 protective filtering system.

The Skew Type Cross Flow Fan reduces turbulence in the distribution of air flow with specially designed blades that greatly reduce interference with the heat exchanger to achieve extremely quiet cooling. The Jet Cool function is another feature in the air conditioner that blows strong cool air at superhigh speed for 30 minutes to cool the room to 18 degrees Centigrade. The anti-corrosion Gold Fin- an anti-corrosion coating on the heat exchanger’s surface enhances resistance from corrosion and increases durability thereby making it ideally suited for coastal areas. And with the very attractive hire purchase terms offered by Abans when you purchase a LG Low Watt Inverter AC, you are on the right track to enjoying healthy cool comfort the most energy saving and economical way.