Abans promotes domestic and commercial air conditioning

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you are planning on installing an air conditioning system at your business, residential premises or apartment complex or replacing your old air conditioner, be sure to contact Abans, the specialists in domestic and commercial air conditioning systems in Sri Lanka. Abans are the sole agent in Sri Lanka for LG and Mitsubishi air conditioners; two of the world’s most trusted and reputed brands of air conditioning systems, which are leading brands in our market. Why choose LG or Mitsubishi air conditioners from Abans? Because both LG and Mitsubishi are the most advanced in technology, quality, durability and genuine energy saving capability. Some of these air conditioners which were installed decades ago are still functioning which is a testimony of their superior quality and durability. Abans are specialists in air conditioning with a track record of successful air conditioning projects of many prestigious buildings and institutions in Sri Lanka. Abans have experienced and factory trained engineers and technicians who have also undergone specialised training at Abans-LG Air Conditioning Academy. What’s more, Abans use only genuine LG and Mitsubishi spare parts for installation and repairs. LG and Mitsubishi air conditioners come in a wide range of models for domestic and commercial purposes. LG, the first to introduce Inverter Technology in domestic air conditioners, have launched their new range of Commercial Inverter Single Split Air Conditioning Systems. Recognising the importance of saving energy, LG has taken the initiative to develop new, more efficient inverter technology. In addition to consuming less electricity, LG’s advanced inverter systems also boast of powerful performance and enhanced reliability. LG Inverter Single Split Air Conditioners, for commercial requirements, lowers the energy usage by as much as 40%, illustrating how advanced technology can make a real difference. Designed for commercial spaces such as offices, retail stores, restaurants etc, the new inverter air conditioners can operate for extended periods of time, while also providing exceptional energy efficiency. The problem of corrosion from sea breeze, resulting in heavy maintenance costs of your air conditioner, has just been solved. LG’s innovative Inverter Corrosion Resistant Outdoor Air Conditioner Units have been proven to be corrosion free for 14 years with enhanced durability results in reliable cooling and reduced maintenance costs. LG’s innovative Corrosion Resistant Inverter Outdoor Units undergo special treatments, which provide exceptional durability for use in coastal regions where the outdoor units of air conditioners are exposed to a high risk of corrosion. Every purchase of a LG Corrosion Resistant Inverter Air Conditioner comes with a Certificate of Validation testifying the corrosion resistant capability of the LG outdoor unit. LG’s innovative Inverter Technology boasts of a powerful yet silent performance while minimising energy consumption by as much as 60%. Mitsubishi has emerged as a world leader in air-conditioning systems for residential, commercial and industrial use. Each product is an amazing feat in its own, delivering years of quiet operation, energy-efficient performance and minimum impact on the environment. Abans Engineering Ltd forms the engineering strength of the prestigious Abans Group and is the pioneer and market leader in providing world renowned and trusted engineering solutions to the local industry. It is also the market leader in Sri Lanka for the supply and installation of Central Air Conditioning HVAC systems with a reputation of reliability of its products and efficiency of its services built over decades of perfection in the field. The company specialises in mechanical, ventilation and air conditioning systems and provides a complete range of MVAC systems and services from expert designing, supplying and installation to efficient maintenance and after sales services. Mitsubishi’s advanced ‘City Multi’ water-cooled air conditioning units are designed for buildings with closed water loop systems and can be installed inside rather than outside a building and are considered as the ideal air conditioner systems for coastal areas which are exposed to high corrosion. The units use the efficiency of water as a heat exchange medium combined with Mitsubishi Electric’s proprietary ‘Inverter’ driven compressor, which effectively uses less energy to provide optimum comfort in all connected zones. The new Mitsubishi City Multi water cooled range comprises of source variable Refrigerant Flow Zoning (VRFZ) units, available either with a heat recovery unit (WR2 series) or heat pump unit. The company has recently ventured into supply and integration of sophisticated facilities for large buildings and apartment complexes such as Business Management System (BMS) and Chiller Plant Management System (CPM) which enables its new and existing customers to derive efficient and energy saving technology to their facilities with reliable Trane BMS and CPM systems. The scope of work undertaken by Abans Engineering covers engineering solutions for complete air conditioning services, BMS integration and total solutions for movement in high-rise buildings, office complexes, hospitals, banks, hotels, factories etc. Abans Engineering is the sole agent for world-renowned air conditioning equipment from Trane – Ingersoll Rand, USA for Chillers, Air Handling Units and BMS, LG of Korea and Mitsubishi Electric of Japan for Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Air Conditioning Systems, P3 Ducting of Italy and Mesan Cooling Towers from Hong Kong. LG AC Academy is the only academy in Sri Lanka, which provides professional training for AC engineers, sales engineers and technicians, under foreign and qualified trainers. Every technician at Abans undergoes the complete comprehensive training.