A star-studded ascent: Prime Homes achieves international acclaim

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Prime Homes is a leader in luxury and semi luxury home construction, a burgeoning industry in Sri Lanka. It has distinguished itself from its peers with its strict focus on quality, as part of its goal of customer satisfaction. Prime Homes recently attended an award ceremony in Geneva, where it brought home a special award. Following are excerpts of an interview with Prime Lands Group Chairman B. Premalal: Q: Recently Prime Homes received the International Gold Star for Quality. Can you explain more? A: We were recently awarded the ‘International Gold Star for Quality’, by the foremost private quality standards organisation BID at the 15th International Star Quality Convention held in Geneva. It is a prestigious award given to a few select companies, in order to recognise their strict adherence to quality standards, and the QC100 Total Quality Management Model which allows you to manage customer satisfaction. Q: The ‘International Gold Star for Quality’ is a prestigious award that is given only to a select few companies. Can you tell us why Prime Homes was nominated for this award? A: Prime Homes has always been a corporation concerned with maintaining stringent quality standards in all aspects of our processes. In this pursuit, we have unfailingly followed the QC100 Total Quality Management Model. The QC100 Total Quality Management Model recognises seven principles to uphold in a business process, which will induce improvement in all the individual parts of the company, from the clients to the employees. The International Gold Star for Quality is given to the companies which are noticed to uphold these standards the most, and we are glad to say Prime Homes has been considered one of these exceptional companies. On receiving this award, we would also like to thank our loyal customers, both new and those who have been with us and our parent company since inception. It is for you that we uphold our quality standards and we share our success with you. Q: Could you outline Prime Homes and its operations? A: Prime Homes Ltd. is a subsidiary of the Prime Lands Group, the leading real estate corporation in Sri Lanka, which deals with luxury and semi luxury housing construction. Prime Lands foresaw the boom in the luxury housing industry and that is why we have expanded to include this in the wide range of real estate pursuits that we provide.  We have inherited the trust that a wide customer base places on our parent company, and we continually strive to fulfil their expectations. Q: Could you give an overview of the recently-completed project in Battaramulla? A: Prime Residencies Battaramulla was one of our many housing projects and it was declared open recently with a grand ceremony that took place within the premises. It is a well-rounded complex, complete with a gymnasium, a rooftop garden, 24-hour security and many other services.  The owners have let it be known that they are very happy with our services, and we are glad. Q: What are the projects you currently have under construction? A: Prime Homes recently completed the first stage of its Athurugiriya complex, having handed over its 78 apartments. In addition, Prime Homes has a host of other projects that are currently awaiting completion. These include the Kottawa complex housing 57 apartments, the Rajagiriya complex housing 29 apartments and Siebel Avenue complex in Colombo 6 containing 36 apartments. The constructions are on schedule and ongoing. The newest projects currently being planned are the Nawala project and the Battaramulla project, which are currently available. Q: What separates you from the many competitors in your industry? A: Our whole outlook is based on trust. We believe that in an industry such as ours, trust is the most important variable that defines us. From our practical designs to our stringent quality standards, we have worked at all times to sustain the trust that has been placed on us by our customers. Operating under the umbrella of Prime Lands, the undisputed leader in the real estate industry, has given Prime Homes a legacy of trust from customers that spans almost 20 years, one which we are eager to preserve. Prime Homes has always stayed one step ahead in anticipating our customers’ needs, and we have always delivered on our promises. Our projects are all completed according to the initial design that the customer has accepted, and they are delivered on time, with no lagging construction to be completed after occupation. Our designs are liveable and our prices are extremely affordable. No other housing construction company in the country can say the same. Q: What do you have to say to prospective homeowners? A: Prime Homes makes high quality housing affordable. Don’t be afraid to realise your dream. Come to us, and make that dream house of yours come true.