Multi Finance enables sustainable transactions with ‘Each One Plant One’ campaign

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With a proud heritage of over four decades in business, Multi Finance PLC has been a source of strength to businesses, and entrepreneurs in the urban rural and SME markets, playing a pivotal role in contributing to the growth of the Sri Lankan economy. 

Governed by the Central Bank and listed in the Colombo Stock Exchange, Multi Finance PLC is a part of the Fairway Holdings conglomerate. With an unblemished record when it comes to trust and standards of delivery, Multi Finance PLC offers reliable financial services to all who cross its threshold. 

Over the past four decades Multi Finance PLC has been dedicated to the task of ensuring the sustainability of its clientele. The company now takes their driving force to the next level by means of the ‘Each One Plant One’ sustainability campaign. Multi Finance PLC having sustained the livelihoods of their clients now takes its first steps towards ensuring the sustenance of the environment. 

In the month of March, Multi Finance PLC will initiate a nationwide sustainability campaign titled ‘Each One Plant One’. The flagship project is scheduled to be carried out during a five-year period and is partnered by two active independent movements, which boast many years of experience in reforestation – Reforest Sri Lanka and the Rainforest Protectors of Sri Lanka. 

It is a definite truth that reforestation can and will improve the livelihoods of all Sri Lankans in countless ways by mitigating natural disasters to enhance sustainable economic growth all year around. Multi Finance PLC intends to use an enterprise approach in encouraging the citizens of Sri Lanka to uphold the task of sustaining and protecting the environment by redesigning habits to create financial stability. 

In the face of a rapidly changing climate, a great deal of stress is placed upon the environment in multiple ways. Adapting to climate change has become a critical part of the lifestyle of many communities in the country. 

Trees and other forms of vegetation provide energy, food and means of income, which ensures the long-term economic development and sustainability of a number of communities in Sri Lanka. Thus while improving the quality of life, reforestation also aids in the process of absorbing pollution and dust in the air, rebuilding habitat as well as the eco system and most importantly in the prevention of global warming. 

In this endeavour Multi Finance PLC will endorse and extend an opportunity to all its clientele and stakeholders to plant 10 trees, with every transaction carried out with the company. Further the company intends to include renowned corporates and well-wishers in raising funds for the ‘Each One Plant One’ campaign. Whereby every citizen of Sri Lanka receives an opportunity to take part in future reforestation campaigns, which will be seamlessly integrated with the company’s future growth.  

Reforestation Sri Lanka and the Rainforest Protectors of Sri Lanka will carry out the maintenance of the project under the patronage of Multi Finance PLC. The two stakeholder movements will be involved in the identification of suitable locations and the selection of saplings to be planted. Thus ensuring that all necessary procedures are followed in order to ensure the healthy growth of the saplings. 

“Our team will engage wholeheartedly along with the Fairway group to make this project a landmark event in Sri Lanka. Our plan is to increase the Sri Lanka’s forest cover from the alarming low level it is today to the expected cover of 32%, contributing to the reduction of the world carbon foot print and to prevent natural disasters taking place in our country. The entire progression of the campaign can be monitored through the Multi Finance PLC website and the project will entail tree planting and maintenance,” stated Multi Finance CEO Pushpike Jayasundera. “Forests are the lungs of our Earth, yet we are losing them at an alarming rate.”

Multi Finance PLC invites all citizens to join hands in their historic endeavour, the ‘Each One Plant One’ sustainability campaign and all future projects to come, thereby playing a valuable role in the rejuvenation and security of Sri Lanka’s forest cover. 

This endeavour will undisputedly ensure a greener future for the entire nation and generations to come.