LG Refrigerator: Only refrigerator with linear inverter compressor genuinely saves electricity

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If your refrigerator does not possess a Linear Inverter Compressor or a Door Cooling Feature, then it’s not energy-efficient. Oftentimes, conventional inverter refrigerators simply store your food without offering any other benefits. Because of this, these refrigerators are highly energy-draining, meaning that they host the potential to create hikes in your electricity bills. 

However, LG Refrigerators are not just your regular inverter refrigerator. Designed with LG-patented technology, LG Refrigerators provide you with positive results that extend beyond food storage.

One of the most striking features present in these refrigerators is the Linear Inverter Compressor. A stark improvement on the Smart Inverter Compressor, this compressor employs a streamlined linear piston drive that uses a simple linear motion to power the refrigerator. Since it consists of only a cylinder block and piston, the Linear Inverter Compressor has just one friction point that drastically reduces vibration and noise as well as enhances the refrigerator’s durability. The Linear Inverter Compressor also constantly adjusts the cooling temperature based on the quantity of food within the refrigerator which in turn conserves energy up to 42%. 

The energy-efficient capabilities of the LG Door Cooling Inverter+ Refrigerator, is further amped by the Door Cooling function. A technology solely exclusive to LG, the Door Cooling System consists of special back and side vents that circulate cool air throughout the refrigerator, which ensures that every corner of the refrigerator, from the shelves to the door, receives balanced cooling. 

Hence, the Linear Inverter Compressor and the Door Cooling function work together in flawless cohesion to lower your electricity bills and mitigate the impact of your carbon footprint on Earth at the same time.

Impeccable hygiene and pure air are two essential elements that preserve the freshness of our food for longer. The progressive Hygiene Fresh+ filter system combines both to deliver a refrigerator that keeps food fresh and crisp. Using a 05-stage air filtering system, the Hygiene Fresh+ focuses on wicking away moisture and odours emitted by vegetables, fruits, meats, and cooked food as well as cleansing the air within the refrigerator of foreign impurities. Additionally, this technology eliminates 99.99% of four different types of bacteria such as E.coli and Salmonella, which prevents quick food contamination and spoilage. So, this saves you the time and money spent on extra grocery trips as well as assures you that the food in your refrigerator remains safe and healthy enough for your family to eat.

LG, a world-renowned brand, emphasises on providing consumers home appliances that will guarantee them a happy, healthy home. Consistently reinforcing its commitment towards conserving Earth for future generations while possessing a keen understanding of consumer needs, LG has constructed its home appliances to be truly energy-efficient and eco-friendly. Unlike any other brand, LG keeps improving on its technologies and designs to give you the very best for your family and your home.