Hànyǔ Services launches to address growing interest in Chinese language services

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Zylan Group International Director Helen Cheung with Hànyǔ Services Founder Fathima Shabir


In a global climate where China has established its standing as the second largest and fastest growing economy in the world, the extent of the country’s scale and integration has meant that proficiency in Chinese has become a coveted asset. Hànyǔ Services – a Sri Lanka-based Chinese content creation, translation, and interpretation company- has launched with a wide portfolio of professional Chinese language services to fulfil the growing interest in investing in this highly lucrative market.

Hànyǔ Services, with its vast global network of qualified Chinese linguists, delivers translation service excellence for any industry, where content is produced such that the client’s brand message is effectively conveyed without the loss of style, tone or context. The language service provider’s scope of services in this regard include document and website translations, interpretation, proofreading, voice-over services, and video subtitling.

Additionally, clients of Hànyǔ Services stand to gain a strong competitive advantage in their respective sectors by having tailor-made content created that will best target the Chinese market accurately, ensuring that every message communicated is localised persuasively. The company’s team of seasoned Mandarin translators and writers are experienced in Chinese content writing, creation of localised marketing collateral, website localisation and translation, and video creation, helping businesses find their distinctive voice and share their brand story through exceptional content.

Developing greater insight into Chinese business culture and etiquette is also a vital asset for those looking to do business with or in China. Here too, Hànyǔ Services offers training on Chinese business language and culture that will help earn clients’ trust through the ability to communicate and negotiate better; paving the way for more successful agreements and business deals.

More recently, as part of its commitment to furthering the Chinese language proficiencies of its clients and members, the agency launched Sri Lanka’s first ‘Mandarin Corner’ – an interactive initiative to encourage Sri Lankans from across the island to learn, practise, and network in Mandarin with native speakers, students, and others. Attendees benefited greatly from the event in that they were able to share their language learning experience with other students, gain useful tips from experts, forge valuable business connections, and boost their confidence in Chinese language communication overall. Details of upcoming Mandarin Corner events will be available on Hànyǔ Services’ website.

“Now more than ever, Sri Lankans are acutely aware of the many dividends to be reaped from tapping into the Chinese market, whether in terms of basic communication or corporate visibility,” said Hànyǔ Services Founder Fathima Shabir. “Our company has been built on a strong foundation of expertise, and we are confident that through the many language services we offer, we can help advance not just individuals and businesses, but also play a part in bolstering the local economy as well.”

Hànyǔ Services has taken yet another step into new territory by initiating Mandarin language classes for children above the age of four, the first in the country to do so. Parents can opt for either individual or group classes for their children, both on-site and online.

For adults looking to hone their Mandarin speaking skills, Hànyǔ Services also offers online Mandarin classes, as well as Business Mandarin classes for effective corporate communications.