Canine friendly Canicula introduced to local market

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M Chem Ltd. recently announced their entry into the local ‘pet care’ market with the introduction of ‘Canicula’, a premier range of canine grooming and nutrition products. M Chem is backed by the manufacturing and marketing expertise in the baby care and feminine hygiene categories accumulated over a period of five decades by The Capital Maharaja Organisation Ltd.

Manufactured under stringent quality standards and supervised by clinical and laboratory experts, Canicula is a brand that is registered under the Department of Animal Production and Health (DAPH) and comes with guaranteed industry standards.

Canicula is marketed in two different formats – dog shampoos and nutritional supplements. Under the supervision and direction of The Capital Maharaja Organization, shampoos and nutritional supplements are manufactured with the technical expertise of renowned K – Nine Pet Care and Vetgrow Ltd., respectively. The brand is marketed by M Chem, backed with its superior channel management expertise.  

The shampoos come in three different variants – ‘Herbal’, which suits all skin types and guarantees to alleviate skin disorders, ‘Medicated’, which ensures a healthy and smooth skin and ‘Shiny Coat’ for a glossy, soothing appearance in a dog. The most essential canine nutrition supplements are marketed as Energy & Fatty Acid formula to reduce shedding and improve the shine of the dog’s coat, while the mineral and vitamin formula guarantees maximum bone health and supports arthritic joints.

Discussing about these new introductions to the pet care category Dr. Anura Kumara, an expert veterinarian said, “Caring for a dog is as important as looking after and nurturing a child. In fact it’s imperative, as an animal cannot take care of itself. Many who take pleasure and pride in having dogs of various breeds and even crossbreds as their companions, however miss out on the salient point of nurturing them with recommended pet care solutions. It is compulsory for domesticated dogs to undergo a proper grooming schedule in order to remain healthy, flee-free and avoid any dermatological infections. Secondly, though omnivorous, dogs can sometimes lack nutrition due to their fussy eating habits. This should be complemented with quality guaranteed nutritional supplements. In this context I’ve observed Canicula to be an exceptional product that ensures the well-being of a domestic dog.”

A spokesperson for M Chem stated that the main social objective of the brand is to create category awareness in pet care and give thought leadership to modern care for domestic pets. According to him, the brand will create awareness through interest group outreach initiatives and stakeholder engagement activities in disseminating domestic pet care knowledge to Sri Lankans. The campaign will commence by educating on caring for domestic dogs, both on conventional and on-line platforms.