JASTECA ‘Postharvest Technology Program’ in Thailand in Feb. to boost agriculture sector

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The Japan Sri Lanka Technical Cultural Association (JASTECA) in collaboration  ABK & AOTS Alumni Association (Thailand) has organised a seminar/study-tour titled ‘Postharvest Technology Program’ in Thailand to enhance knowledge and practical skills of planters about latest technologies involved in harvesting, planting, packing, and delivery methods associated with agriculture. Applications are invited from the executives, senior managers, professionals and owners of harvesting companies associated with the Plantation Sector for this part-funded Postharvest Technology Program, which will be conducted in Thailand from 17 – 21 February, 2014. Applications have to be forwarded to JASTECA office before 03 February 2014. Interested applicants could send an e-mail to [email protected] to obtain applications and further information. From ancient times, Thailand has been an agricultural based economy and is reputed for exporting various crops worldwide. Whilst rice is their most important crop, export of tropical fruits such as pineapples, mangos, durians, etc., have gained ground significantly. Thai cultivators have gained in knowledge and skills mainly through trial and error methods, and have developed well-tested strategies and technologies for planting, packing, harvesting and delivery. Their efforts have helped to establish Thailand as a leading agriculture based economy in the world. This JASTECA/AOTS program will enable Sri Lankan harvesters to study the procedures and technologies used in Thailand and contribute more effectively towards our economic growth. The Overseas Human Resources and Industry Development Association (HIDA) – Japan, formerly known as AOTS, is an organisation that is dedicated to uplifting the standards of human resources in developing countries by promoting Technical Corporation through training. Established in 1959, HIDA’s aim is to foster friendly relations and contribute to the economic growth of developing nations by conducting training programs that will impart knowledge and skills to participants about world renowned Japanese management systems. With almost three decades of dedicated service which has benefitted Sri Lanka’s business sector immensely, JASTECA helps organisations to acquire expertise in Japanese Management Systems and has been involved in transferring of technology to local industries, government institutions and SMEs. One-day seminar This Postharvest Technology Program is designed to increase awareness among participants relating to the latest technologies involved in harvesting. A one-day seminar will be conducted by a reputed Thai expert who will lecture on, ‘How to reduce post harvest losses’. Among the topics discussed here would be the Biological aspects of fruits and vegetables after harvest; Maturity Index, Harvesting and Quality; Produce preparation, Diseases and Insect control; Packaging and Cooling and also features relating to Storage and transportation. Participants will be able to visit various successful companies which are processing fruits and vegetables in Thailand, which is expected to benefit them immensely. Participants will be able to think creatively and formulate innovative solutions to problems and issues facing their respective organisations as a result of this program, which will certainly make our plantation companies more effective and efficient in ‘harvesting’ sphere, thereby contributing significantly to the country’s GDP and economic growth. They will be able to learn under the supervision of reputed lecturers in a great environment that will be provided by HIDA, which assures that they will be groomed on techniques that are characteristic of thriving Thai companies.