Lipton re-launches Ceylonta with improved blend

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Celebrating its rich and long history as a brand of Pure Ceylon Tea which has energised generations in Sri Lanka, Lipton Ceylonta is being re-launched with the taste of goodness in the perfect cup of tea. 

Lipton, armed with a 129-year-old legacy, has been instrumental in bringing the wholesome goodness of a freshly brewed cup of tea straight from the tea plantations to the doorstep of consumers from all walks of life. Brimming with the taste and richness of Sri Lanka’s famed pure Ceylon tea, Lipton Ceylonta is a beloved household brand from Lipton, one of the oldest tea brands in Sri Lanka, credited with creating the mantle of Ceylon tea. Lipton Ceylonta’s rich heritage and popularity as the nation’s preferred brew can be traced back to its captivating origins.  It all began at the scenic Dambatenne Tea Factory in Haputale, which was set up by tea planter Sir Thomas Lipton over 100 years ago. Nurtured by the cool and misty climate of high elevation plantations, this tea is symbolic of the purest teas Sri Lanka has to offer the world. Legend has it that he would sit atop a hill on what has come to be known as Lipton’s Seat to survey his tea empire. 

The first to package tea and brand it, Lipton’s Yellow Label tea was born bearing the slogan ‘Straight from the tea gardens to the tea pot’. Over time, Lipton grew into a trusted trademark and Sir Thomas Lipton’s devotion to tea eventually earned him a knighthood. Although Unilever took over the Lipton brand in the 1930s, it has retained and nurtured the rich legacy and history of Ceylon tea. Its flagship brand, Lipton Ceylonta, upholds this legacy by educating Sri Lankan consumers about the goodness and heritage value of its brand.

Commenting on the re-launch, Unilever Sri Lanka Tea Standards Manager Thilanka Dassanayake said: “There is a saying in Sri Lanka that old is gold, and true to that, in Sri Lanka we treasure and nurture our island nation’s rich history and culture which attracts people from all over the world. As Unilever Sri Lanka re-launches Lipton Ceylonta, a true pioneer in the tea industry and a treasured brand with a heritage of 129 years, we would like to pay homage to the pioneering spirit of Sir Thomas Lipton who took two leaves and a bud and turned it into the magical golden brew that can be savoured in a cup of Lipton Ceylonta tea. No Sri Lankan hospitality is complete without a cup of the heady and rich Lipton Ceylonta tea to refresh and reignite the consumer’s energy for the day. We are proud to offer the new Lipton Ceylonta for the best flavour and goodness at an attractive price.”

Ceylonta has earned a place in the minds of the consumer as a brand that delivers the finest blend of pure Ceylon tea with its refined quality of the taste setting apart the leaves of Lipton Ceylonta. 

Its quality assured blend contains neat, clear and smaller tea leaves and is the reason the brand holds Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings (BOPF) grade conformance.

Ceylon became synonymous with tea over 150 years ago and the legendary lion of the Sri Lankan flag was introduced to the Ceylon Tea logo, to guard this symbol of quality. 

Lipton Ceylonta preserves the sanctity of this branding with quality and freshness that people have come to expect from the beloved brand.