Dilmah voted New Zealand’s most trusted tea brand for 5th consecutive year

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Dilmah Founder Merrill J Fernando with sons Dilhan C.Fernando and Malik J.Fernando

The New Zealand Readers Digest Trusted Brand Awards are perhaps the most iconic and well-known celebration of what New Zealanders really think of the brands they buy.

For Dilmah, it is humbling news to be recognised by the people of New Zealand as their 2019 most trusted tea brand for the fifth year in a row. Consumed second only to water across the planet, tea is still very much a mainstay in the New Zealand home.  

Merrill J.Fernando

Across the categories of traditional black or green tea through to the fast-growing categories of fruit and herbal infusions, Dilmah has been given the thumbs up to say ‘we trust your products’ and ‘we trust the ethics of your business’.

More than ever consumers want to know where the products they consume come from, but just as importantly, how they are giving back. This deeper story of tea is apparent in everything Dilmah does whether it’s the broad reach of their MJF Charitable Foundation or via Dilmah Conservation, both supported entirely through the pre-tax profits of Dilmah Tea. It’s a win-win for all; by maintaining the skilled tradition of hand-picked tea, they are not only securing the livelihoods of the families who rely on the tea industry, they are ensuring a consistent quality for tea lovers too.

Trust means a lot to a brand who are relatively young in the old world of tea, counting just over 30 years in existence with Founder Merrill J. Fernando just shy of 90 years young and still going strong! After fronting the TV ads for years with his personal guarantee of quality, it seems the gentle invitation of ‘Do Try It’ has struck a chord with kiwis and seen Dilmah adopted as a local brand. It goes both ways, although Dilmah is now found in over 100 countries around the world, Fernando credits kiwis for giving his brand a try all those years ago when he first launched, and now considers New Zealand a second home to Sri Lanka.